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If you are an alien but your younger brother was born here how old does he have to be to process your papers?


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2005-10-31 20:53:22
2005-10-31 20:53:22

If you mean that you are here (the US) illegally, and your brother is a US citizen, the answer is 21 years old.


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Sponsoring an illegal alien has to be approved by the Immigration and Naturalization Service. There is also a lengthy process, which includes timely filing of all relevant papers and legal documents. If the illegal alien is seeking asylum, the immigration courts are involved in the process as well.

Perhaps, but the mother should also be charged for harboring an illegal alien.

yes, but there would be alot of paperworks to file. and its going to be pricey.

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Find a lawyer and file papers through the Naturalization Department.

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Alien registration number is USCIS's way of tracking non-citizens in the US. This number is assigned to any person in the immigration process.

An alien with no greencard or "papers" could get deported any time. Getting married or getting a divorce are things which, in and of themselves, have no baring on the aliens immigration status. If the spouse had filed a petition on the alien's behalf, the petition would no longer be valid. An immature or vindictive ex-spouse could try to make immigration trouble for the alien, but it's unlikely that they would be able to actually get the person deported.

No. The process is the same as it would be if the spouse were a U.S. citizen.

yes you can when the child turns 21 you can file for your papers

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If by "alien," you mean an illegal alien, and not a creature from outer space, being a 69 year old senior and having a home do not generally exempt him. He would need proper papers, or to become a citizen in order to stay in the country legally and not risk being deported.

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By filing the affidavit of support for the alien relative the US citizen is fully responsible for the financial requirements of that alien until alien is capable to take care of the financial requirements. Proof in form of tax returns filed papers,assets, bank statements, job identity etc are required.

You don't need US approval since you are not a citizen anyway. Immigration policy for country of choice traveling to would determine steps for citizenship legally and what papers are required while undergoing process.

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