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It's probably covered, but you have to remember your deductable. Your deductable is probably higher than your cost of repair would be.

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If a car tires blows out causing you to hit a medium sized highway sign will the car damages and sign damages be covered under comprehensive insurance?

Your collision coverage will take care of this. Comprehensive is for things such as theft, acts of god (such as a tree falling on your car), etc. Collision is for well crashes. You incurred a vehicle malfunction which caused you to have an accident, or collision.

Does comprehensive insurance cover damage done to a car if the car hits or is hit by an animal?

Comprehensive coverage protects you against damages to your car that are the result of covered issues not related to a collision, such as an animal. Some insurance companies do not cover damages due to animals.

What is usually covered by a comprehensive motor insurance?

Comprehensive motor insurance usually covers bodily harm or damage caused by an accident. The comprehensive insurance also cover the liability of the car damages in regards to collision coverage. When deciding on collision coverage, it is important to consider the age of the vehicle to determine if comprehensive or full coverage is needed on the vehicle or if collision insurance would be the appropriate choice.

If I'm driving on the highway and suddenly the tire tread separates causing damages to the fenderbumpermolding etc. on my vehicle would this event be covered by comprehensive or collision coverage?

these are generally considered under the 'collision' portion of the policy.....

How is auto liability insurance different from comprehensive insurance?

Liability insurance only covers someone else in the case that you are responsible for damages caused in a collision. Comprehensive coverage will cover a driver that you hit, as well as cover yourself for any damages inflicted during a collision.

Would collision or other than collision coverage apply if a liquid chlorine jug fell in your vehicle while driving and the chlorine damaged your carpet?

That should be covered by comprehensive insurance and the insurance company will pay for damages minus any deductable.

Will comprehensive cover the damages to your car from hitting a deer?

If you hit a deer, that's a collision and is paid out from your Collision coverage. Comprehensive is for Physical damage done to your car, such as a tree falling on it, theft, vandalism and fire. Yes, the comprehensive portion of your auto policy covers collision with an animal, such as a deer. It would be subject to your deductible. Actually it's covered out of comprehensive coverage and in most cases your rates will not go up. Comprehensive covers acts of nature including colliding with an animal

Will liability insurance cover deer damages for state farm?

Liabilty will not cover damage from a collision with a deer no matter what insurance company you have. Animal collisions are covered under "Comprehensive" or "Other Than Collision" coverage. Liability only covers damage you do when you are at fault.

What type of insurance will pay for damages if you are the victim of a hit-and-run driver?

Comprehensive Coverage.

Does it cover damage done to a car if the car hits or is hit by an animal?

It depends on the type of insurance you have and your policy. Comprehensive coverage protects you against damages to your car that are the result of covered issues not related to a collision, such as an animal. Some insurance companies do not cover damages due to animals.

What is a type of auto insurance that covers damages to the car resulting from collision with another car or object?

It's called Collision coverage and is usually purchased along with Comprehensive coverage when you buy your auto insurance. If you purchased the collision coverage option when you bought your auto insurance policy it will be covered.AnswerThird party car insurance.

Under what circumstances would a person want comprehensive motor vehicle insurance?

Comprehensive insurance helps to pay for damages to a vehicle that were not the result of a collision. If you want insurance when a vehicle is damaged by fire or theft , then you should purchase comprehensive motor vehicle insurance.

What type of insurance will cover damages to your car if you hit a deer while driving through a parking lot?

Actually, hitting a deer is generally covered by your comprehensive coverage, not collision. Comprehensive covers "acts of God," which include hitting animals because it was an act of God that the animal was there at that time. Reading your insurance policy will clarify exactly which kinds of claims are covered by which types of insurance. There are 3 catagories for car insurance: 1. Liability (covers you if you hit someone else) 2. Comprehensive (covers you if an uninsured driver hits you), and 3. Collision (covers you if you hit something -for instance, a deer-)

Does collision insurance cover hitting a deer?

In case you have a Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy or Standalone Own Damage Car Policy, only damages against an animal attack such as a deer attack are covered. For more clarity on this, you can either read your policy document or get in touch with the customer care of your insurer. Hope, this answer was helpful!

What does Full Coverage cover?

Full Coverage covers usually refers to having maximum liability, comprehensive and collision coverage on your policy. Maximum liability coverage covers third party injuries and damages when you are found at fault for an accident. It also gives you comprehensive and collision coverage that will cover repairs to your car if you are at fault for the accident, or something out of your control happens (vandalism, hit a deer). It is referred to as full coverage because your assets are covered as well as thrid party assets.

Will your insurance pay you direct for a hit and run claim?

If you have collision coverage then yes, car insurance companies will cover the damages caused to your car, or medical treatment required, within the stipulations of your policy. However, if you don't have collision or underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage, then you will not be covered for the damages to your property or self.

Does care insurance pay for automotive repairs?

If you are speaking of mechanical repairs the answer is no. Auto insurance is only made to pay for damages from covered accidents or comprehensive claims. Maintenance and mechanical repairs are not covered causes.

Is tuckpointing covered by home insurance?

There is not enough information in your question for a comprehensive answer. Your homeowners insurance covers damages that result from the perils covered. Typical covered perils are Fire, Wind, Hail, falling objects etc. So it just depends on what your cause of loss is.

If someone throws a rock at and damages your car is this covered by comprehensive or collision insurance?

Neither. A rock hitting you're car is a minor damage and isn't handled by insurance companies. If a grown person does it you could file vandalism and demand the money for repairs. If it is a minor, 4-12, the damage stays and you really can't do much about it.

If you were in an accident and the other driver received a ticket for expired insurance what will your insurance company do?

It depends on whether the at-fault driver has any resources of value and whether the courts might award to offset the financial damages. If not, it depends on the type of insurance. If you have comprehensive/collision, your damages will be paid up to the point of your deductable. If you don't have comp/collision, but DO have underinsured motorist (or whatever it's called in your part of the country, the insurance will again cover the damages up to the deductable.

What does comprehensive car insurance include?

A Comprehensive car insurance policy includes the following: Damages Due to Accidents: If your car will witness any damage due to an accident, nothing to worry about as a comprehensive car insurance policy got you covered. Third Party Losses: In an unfortunate event of third party loss related to person, vehicle or property, your comprehensive policy will take care of the legal and financial liabilities. Car Thefts: In case your car is stolen, your comprehensive car insurance policy will look after the same. Damages Due to Natural/Man-made Disaster: When flood, hurricane, hail storm, tornado, riots, etc attack your car, your comprehensive car insurance policy comes handy. Damages Caused in Fire: If your car catches fire, your comprehensive car policy will pay for the damages.

What are the consequences of a collision?

Property, injury damages & possible liability (civil) dependent upon severity said damages.

If another person is driving your car with consent and swerves to miss a deer but lands in ditch and damages the car who is liable?

typcially the insurance stays with the car....if you have collision coverage (if no actual contact with the deer would be collision rather than comprehensive coverage), your insurance would most states if there is no collision coverage on the vehicle, but the driver has a vehicle that has the needed coverage it would then apply.........

Does homeowner ins. cover a car burned due to bad electrical?

No, Home Hazard Insurance is for damages to your home due to a covered peril. Auto Insurance Comprehensive coverage is for damages to your car. You will need to seek coverage for your car from your Auto insurance Policy.

You have collision insurance is uninsured motorist insurance necessary?

Collision insurance will cover the damages to your vehicle- no matter who is at fault. Uninsured coverage is used if the other vehicle is at fault for the accident and you and/or anyone in your car is injured. This coverage will typically pay for related medical bills, loss wages, and general damages (i.e pain and suffering). Liability = Other vehicle damage Injuries to driver/passenger in other vehicle Injuries to passengers in your vehicle if you are at fault Collision/Comprehensive = Cover damages to your car Uninsured/Under-insured = Injuries to you or your passengers when another vehicle is at fault and does not have insurance or has minimum coverage