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READ your contract. It likely has "right to accelerate balance due" clause. Just as you have the right to pay the loan off early, the lender retains the right to call it due early. This depends on several factors, your payment history,if you are in default, ect. So, YES, they could refuse.

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Q: If you are behind 1300 and you offer them 1500 to get your car back and continue making payments can they refuse?
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Can furniture be repossessed if payment has not been made in 6 months but you start back making payments?

Yes, furniture can be repossessed if you start making payments again after 6 months, especially if the missed payments are not caught up. The creditor can refuse the payment if court proceedings are already in progress.

Can a landlord refuse to give you a receipt for rent payments?

no the land lord cannot refuse to give receipt

Can lien holders or reposessors continue to call or come to your house and harass you even after you've asked them to stop?

As long as you continue to hide the car and/or refuse to make the payments. You need to send them a certified telling them to stop calling then they must stop.If they refuse you have rights under the Fair Credit Act its online look it up.

If you are in repossession status and are making efforts to pay on your late payments can they still repossess your vehicle?

Once the loan is in default the bank has the right to refuse payment and repossess the vehicle.

Can you refuse an offer for ppi claim?

Yes. If their offer doesn't equal the amount you paid in ppi payments then you can refuse their offer.

Can a hospital refuse treatment if dont have insurance?

No. As long as you can make the payments for all the fees and hospital charges, they cannot refuse treatment.

Can the bank refuse mortgage half payments?

Yes. If you are in default the bank can refuse anything short of your full past due balance.

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If your car is repossessed for being three payments behind can the bank refuse to give the vehicle back if you pay the repo fee and catch up your payments?

Read the contract again. What part of it are you in DEFAULT on? There is a clause in most contracts that says the lender can accelerate the balance due for a number of reasons.

With regards to signing the document you should do what?

Continue to refuse to sign the document.

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