Gay Lesbian and Bisexual

If you are bisexual are you gay?


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<Not necessarily. A bisexual person is attracted to both genders, while a gay (homosexual) person is only attracted to his/her own gender. Also, a bisexual person may like one sex more than another. Like they like girls and boys, but they would rather date a boy. Sometimes you dont even know if someone around you is bisexual cause they may have a crush on a girl but secretly also love a guy (not as much as the girl though) or vice versa. They are similar, but not the same.>

Well, the above has some truth to it. But when you say "secretly also love a guy", then that is someone who is neither gay nor bisexual, but "in the closet". The truly bisexual person is out in the open about their dual attraction to both sexes. They have an equal amount of desire for either sex. Some live with a member of the opposite sex, and have same sex relations outside their home, or in some cases, have "ménage à trois (threesome) relationships. The latter is less common in the U.S. which has more shame about sexuality than any other country. Some people live a life as a gay person until a certain age, and then become bisexual, and the reverse is true as well.