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If you are bulimic do you throw up after everything you eat?


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Never. What you're doing is called "purging" and it is EXTREMELY unhealthy. Please talk to a doctor as soon as possible because this is a condition that can eventually result in serious illness.

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It actually depends. I was a bulimic, and I wouldn't eat breakfast or lunch, then I'd eat dinner then throw it up. Or if I'd eat breakfast or lunch, and it was big, I'd throw it up.

When you are bulimic, you throw up after you eat. After you do this so much, you start automatically throwing up after you eat. And it's hard to stop because your so used to getting rid of that bulge in your stomach, that when you eat you feel very uncomfortable and the only way to relieve that feeling is to throw up.

Bulimics force themselves to purge or throw up the food after they eat. It is not just a bad reaction to food that makes them get sick (like an allergy or food poisoning), they purposefully throw up.

If a person does not eat, and what little they do eat they throw up, then they can be considered both anorexic and bulimic. However, this is very dangerous and harmful and can eaily turn fatal.

Not all bulimics throw up. Bulimia is binging & purging. Purging can be throwing up, but it can be also through laxatives, over exercising, or fasting. A bulimic has to be a binge eater, a binge is eating a ton of food in a short amount of time. Such as 3,000 calories in a half hour. The bulimic has no control over this. Bulimia is not just throwing up!!

you are bulimic. you need help.

Anorexic--Starvation Bulimic--Throwing up everything you eat Binge eating- when you eat and eat and not feel full

The name for making yourself throw up is PURGING. you would be bulimic.

Yes, you are bulimic.AnswerWhy did you eat the unhealthy food if you were only going to throw it up? If you're happy to eat and keep down healthy food, then just keep eating healthy food!If this is a problem for you, then yes, you could be bulimic. Get some help soon and you'll be fine - don't worry :-)You are bullimic if you eat a TON of food and then purge. Anorexics purge but usually small amounts. There is a difference.

The word bulimic means to eat and purge. The word is used to describe an eating disorder where people eat large amounts of food and throw it up.

Either you inhale or ingest something that your body finds threatening or you are bulimic.

No, because they will, essentially, just throw it up (purge) afterwards. The best thing to do would be to get them porfessional help.

When you throw up nothing but stomach acid and water.AnswerYou keep gaggging yourself until you feel your stomach turn over and a really potent acid come up with no food AnswerWhy would you make yourself throw up? If you want to be skinny, eat healthy in the first place. Being bulimic is dangerous and unhealthy.

They don't have but holes they throw everything they eat back up throw a different tube out of their mouths

i have the same problem. i am bulimic but i am gaining weight. the reason is because i dont throw up on time. i am so worn out that i sometimes forget to throw up and fall asleep. when i was more into my bulimia i would throw everything up until i had blood coming out. that is how i maintained my weight for so long and was able to eat everything i wanted. now im to the point that i cant be as dedicated anylonger. You are probably not throwing up immediatly and you need to drink plenty of fluids so it is easier to throw all of it up.

When you throw up daily you get skinnier and bonier because your body is losing all its nutrition and you are probably becoming bulimic.

When your anorexic and you eat alot of food but you throw it up right after that. Some bulimic people throw up about 40 times a day and it makes you lose your hair and teeth. This is for people who are very unsatisfied with their weight and their physical appearance.

Yes, bulimia can kill you. If you are throwing up everything you eat then you are not getting the nutrients your body needs. And everytime you throw up hydrochloric acid comes up from your stomach with your food and it eats away at your esophagus and will eventually make you start bleeding and it will get to a point where it won't be able to heal and you will die.

Too be honest it is best not to throw up at all but you would need to vomit all of the food back up (do not recommend this) but remember food is compacted when you chew and swallow so a small amount of vomit could be a size-able meal

being bulimic is where you make yourself throw up to try to lose weight

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