If you are close friends with a man and helped him through a divorce how do you tell him you want to be more than friends?

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2006-09-20 19:10:05
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If you are smart you won't tell him right now. It's emotionally draining when two people go through a divorce whether it was an ugly divorce or they both agreed on it. It was kind of you to help him out and often a person that does this will wear their heart on their sleeve and find themselves falling in love. In this case it's you. Whether it's a man or woman getting a divorce it hurts each of them because things weren't always bad in their marriage and they use to love one another and do have good memories of their lives together. Some people when getting a divorce also feel like they have failed. They are both going through a grieving process right now. They aren't going to be in any hurry to find someone else to replace each other. They are confused and need to clear their heads to get on with life. Keep being this man's friend and perhaps go for dinner or out to a movie. Take walks and talk, but be patient! Keep dating other men because if there is any hope this relationship could turn into love you don't want to "always be there" because that's what friends are for. By dating he may realize he does really miss you and in time he's more likely to ask you out. If you push it you could lose him or be hurt if he's confused and only considers you as a friend at this point. In time nature will take it's course and he'll either fall in love with you and all will be well or you'll have to remain friends if he doesn't feel the same about you.

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