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Yes. For more information you might want to check out the links on the right. If you injury was work related in the first place, I'm not sure why didn't file a worker's compensation claim. If you do file a worker's comp claim, the disability insurance company will likely want to collect much of the money you receive because typically worker's comp is an offset or an exclusion from disability plans.

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Q: If you are collecting disability from personal insurance due to a workplace injury can you also get Social Security disability and Workman's Comp?
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Can you collect disability insurance and Social Security?

Worker's Comp (disability insurance) is different from Social Security and you can collect both if you qualify for both.

Do you have to apply for Social Security Disability when you start getting Long Term Disability from your employer?

Yes, if your disability insurance policy has a benefit that is integrated with social insurance benefits.Most employer paid disability insurance policies are integrated with social security benefits, because of the lower premium they have to pay. Individual disability insurance plans can be purchased with or without social security integration. Benefits that are not integrated with social security benefits will not be affected whether you apply or not for social security disability benefits.

Can you collect some kind of disability while out of work during recovery from a knee replacement if you have no disability insurance of your own or through work and 55 years old?

Not unless your disability is expected to last one year or longer. You can try to apply for Social Security disability, because you won't qualify for individual or workplace disability insurance while disabled.

Can I continue to collect my compensation disability after starting to collect Social Security benefits at 65?

Collecting Social Security would not interfere with your compensation disability

What has the author Kimberly R Powell written?

Kimberly R. Powell has written: 'Social Security disability insurance' -- subject(s): Disability insurance, Social security

I just got a new job. I'm on Social Security Disability. I sent an email to my new boss telling him that he will be receiving papers for that soon. Is there a chance I could get fired?

Yes. If you are collecting disability insurance then you cannot work.

Does diabetes qualify for social security disability insurance?


What is the elimination period for social security disability benefits?

For the disability income insurance run by the Social Security Administration, the elimination period is five months. Source : Insurance Producer

Who can get disability insurance?

Although Social Security provide you financial assistant but it fails when you some how or other get some disability. In such cases disability insurance can benefits a man. Any person who can pay for insurance policy can take a disability insurance. Companies pay different disability insurance as per package.

Can you receive disability from your job and disability from social security at the same time?

Yes, it is very common for disability insurance plans to include a clause for social security disability, meaning the insurance company will pay a portion of the monthly benefit, expecting that you would apply for social security benefits to pay for the "Supplemental Social Security benefits". In the event you get declined by Social Security, then the insurance company would cover the additional supplemental benefits. Employer group plans as well as individual disability insurance plans can include that clause.

What is the purpose of social security taxes?

Old age survivors and disability insurance (oasdi) social security benefits and medicare insurance .

Does Virginia have long term disability?

You have to check into Social Security disability, if you don't have your own disability insurance (individual policy, or through your employer); It is recommended that you get your own Disability Insurance policy if your employer does not offer such benefits. Yes, there are disability insurance policies available in Virginia.

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