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Q: If you are collecting worker's compensation can you file for unemployment if your place of employment closes down?
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What is the result of a recession on unemployment compensation?

A recession can bring an increase of unemployed workers. This results in more unemployment compensation claims being filed and paid, meaning more people are collecting unemployment benefits.

Can a person collect unemployment benefits while on workers' compensation?

no. If your on workers comp. then your still employeed.

What is a wage replacement?

In the United States, the most common wage replacement would be getting paid by workers compensation, collecting unemployment or another insurance policy that will provide you an income.

Was unemployment compensation always taken out of paychecks?

Unemployment compensation is not taken out of paychecks of the workers. The business pays a payroll tax to the state who uses part of the the proceeds to pay unemployment benefits.

What is compensation for business disturbance?

Rights as an independent disturber home base business while collecting workers compensation

What is the differences between unemployment compensation and workers compensation?

Unemployment is available to folks who lost their last job through no fault of their own, and are actively seeking new employment. Workers comp is a social insurance that pays the medical bills of folks injured on the job, and pays lost time benefits if one misses work due to injury.

can a person that is drawing workers comp also draw unemployement ben.?

You cannot collect unemployment compensation while collecting temporary workman's compensation in the state of GA. However, it is would still be wise to file a claim just to be certain.

Can you collect unemployment and workers compensation in New York?

You receive workers compensation because you are unable to work. Under item 2. of the Related Link below, you are not eligible to receive unemployment benefits if you are unable to work. It can't be had both ways or it may be unemployment fraud.

In calculating the unemployment rate ''discouraged'' workers who are not actively seeking employment are?


The Employment and Training Administration assists the states in operating a system of local employment offices for unemployment workers?

Labor .

Is Pennsylvania workers compensation taxable?

No. Workers compensation is completely exempt from federal tax if the payments are made under a workers compensation act for injuries occurring in the course of employment. They are also exempt from state tax. They aren't included as income.

Which of these laws provied accident insurence for workers?

The question is very broad. However, workers compensation insurance is intended to provide a source of compensation for employees who are injured within the course and scope of their employment. Workers Compensation requirements differ by State, and you are best advised to consult the State statutes, or a workers compensation attorney, for specific advice.

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