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Q: If you are converting from chapter 13 to chapter 11 is the mortgage company able to evict the you right away or is there a 30- to 90-day period before eviction?
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What is a good mortgage company than can help you out of chapter 13?

A Mortgage company can not help you get out of chapter 13 when your ten years is up then your be out.

Can I file a chapter 7 bankruptcy and reaffirm my mortgages?

You can file chapter 7 bankruptcy and reaffirm your mortgage. Your mortgage company is not required to reaffirm your mortgage however, it is their final decision.

Mortgage lates after filing chapter 7 Can a mortgage company report lates after filing of a chapter 7 and before a discharge?

Yes. That reporting to a credit agency of an item of fact, is not an attempt to collect the debt. Your not expecting you mortgage debt to be discharged are you?

Can you file chapter 13 if you already are in a forbearance plan with your mortgage company?

Well the options that you have are , You can sell your home or refinance when you are under Chapter 13.A mortage company can negotiate on your behalf with your lender to ease off the hassles for you.

What can a mortgage company do if mortgage had not been paid in 4 years?

What can a mortgage company do if mortgage has not been paid in 4 years

If your mortgage arrears were included in Chapter 13 and when you refinanced you had to pay the arrears to the mortgage company and also to the trustee do you get this money back and if so how?

Your trustee is the only person who can advise you. However, it has been my experience (mortgage lending) that you must first obtain the trustee's permission to refinance and I believe the full amount is always due to the mortgage company.

Does the mortgage company verify your income?

Yes the mortgage company verifies income.

How do you know if your foreclosure will be pursued by the mortgage company?

go ask the mortgage company.

If defaulting on a mortgage how long will it take the mortgage compnay to evict?

Foreclosure and then eviction depends on which state you are in. Usually the process will take 90 days which will give the borrower some time to act on the mortgage. Some resort to a loan modification company like Find out from your state laws the implementing period to be sure.

What is corp adv fee?

These are any costs that a mortgage company has incurred in the collection or servicing of a mortgage. An example of a corporate advance fee would be if the second mortgage company makes a payment to the first mortgage company.

What is a chaffee mortgage?

A Chaffee mortgage is a mortgage obtained from this specific company. Chaffee is a company that will give out loans for homes to people who qualify.

Can a mortgage company report a foreclosure?

Yes. A foreclosure can be reported by the entity that foreclosed, by the servicing agent for the entity that owned the mortgage when it was foreclosed or by a mortgage company if it held the mortgage when it was foreclosed.

When was Franklin American Mortgage Company created?

Franklin American Mortgage Company was created in 1993.

Will bankruptcy protect me from foreclosure by my mortgage company?

Yes, bankruptcy protect you from foreclosure by your mortgage company. You can read more at

When mortgage holders die what are mine and the mortgage company rights?

If a mortgage holder (mortgagee) dies the rights under the mortgage pass to her heirs. If a mortgagor (borrower) dies the mortgage company has a lien on real estate that still must be paid.

What company provides the best canadian mortgage rate?

RateHub is a company that provides one of the best Canadian mortgage rates. Another company that provide the best Canadian mortgage rates include RateSupermarket.

How soon after Chapter 7 bankruptcy and forecloser can you buy a new house?

If you had an FHA insured home, you will have to wait for three years after the mortgage company claimed their refund.

Will the mortgage company offer to reduce your mortgage due to the mortgage crisis?

Some banks will - the best thing to do is call your mortgage company and see what they are offering. Banks make more money by keeping you in your house and paying your mortgage, so you may be able to refinance or renegotiate the terms of your mortgage.

Where can one find a California mortgage company?

A California mortgage company can be found on the internet at the First California Mortgage Company website. There is a wealth of knowledge on the website that should help answer any problems you come across.

If you did not get your mortgage reaffirmed does this mean you will lose your property?

From my understanding after filing Chapter 7, our house was not reaffirmed, but the mortgage company clearly states that as long as the payments are kept up they will not take action against the house and if they do, their interest is solely in the house, not contents.

What is an EMC mortgage and who offers them?

EMC Mortgage is a mortgage banking company that specializes in the servicing of mortgage loans. With a staff of more than 1,600 employees, the company is headquartered in Lewisville, Texas with additional offices in Irvine, California.

What is EMC Mortgage Servicing?

EMC Mortgage Servicing is a company that provides residential mortgages to clients. The company is located in Texas. EMC Mortgage has an excellent reputation for customer service.

Where can I find information about Ameriquest Mortgage Company?

On this website, you will find information about Ameriquest Mortgage Company: This website contains all the information you'd ever need about Ameriquest Mortgage Company.

Should I get a loan modification attorney or do it myself?

It depends on if your mortgage company is willing to work with you. Our attorney advised us to work with the mortgage company directly. This was the process we went through: 1. Call mortgage company and speak to specialist.2. Fill out questionnaire sent by mortgage company to home owner.3. Gather & send in paperwork requested by mortgage company.4. Receive response from mortgage company.5. Receive, sign and send back loan modification paperwork.

Does a mortgage company have to notify you who they sell your mortgage to?

Yes, and they have to provide you with contact information.

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