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The majority of companies will cancel the policy. If by chance they decide not to, be prepared to pay a very, very high premium.

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Q: If you are convicted of DUI DWAI or DWI are you still completely covered by your policy if you have full coverage?
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Is your house covered if broken into if your door is unlocked?

If you have the appropriate coverage (theft) on your policy, then yes it would still be covered.

Is it lawfull for your vehicle insurance to charge you for what they have covered?

Yes, That's how it works. The insurance company sells you coverage in the form of an insurance policy and you pay a premium in exchange for that coverage. If you don't pay for the coverage then your not covered.

Do you need insurance coverage on above ground pool?

The pool would be covered under Coverage B "other structures" of your policy. Any structure not attached to your home is covered under Coverage B.

Will homeowners cover diamond ring if flushed?

It just depends on whether you scheduled your diamond ring for coverage on your policy. If the diamond ring was scheduled as a covered item on your home insurance policy then it will be covered. If you did not schedule the ring and or did not pay the premium for fine jewelry coverage then no, it will not be covered.

Can a wifes maternity expenses be covered by the husbands insurance if her insurance does not have coverage?

If you both have coverage the wife's policy will be primary, and the husband's will be secondary - provided the wife is covered under the husband's policy. Submit the unpaid claims to the secondary carrier.

Will auto shop liability insurance pay for tools if stolen?

A Garage policy can have many different kinds of coverage added to the policy. You can certainly add coverage for tools and equipment to be covered under the policy.

What does an endorsement to homeowners policy mean?

Endorsements are an amendment to the policy form that is designed to either add coverage or reduce coverage. Most of the time it is granting additional coverage for something that you need covered but which is not on the basic form.

Is damage to a laptop computer covered by homeowners insurance?

Laptops covered under homeowners Insurance PolicyIf the laptop is scheduled property on your homeowners policy it will naturally be covered. If you do not have scheduled contents coverage then there may be no coverage for it. A quick call to your insurance agent could get you the answer.AnswerIf the laptop is used for business purposes, there may be exclusions or limitations under your policy. Also, it must be damage by a "covered cause of loss" as described in your policy. If it is not used in business and was damaged by a covered cause as described in your policy, then coverage would likely be afforded as personal property, subject to your policy deductible and depreciation if you do not have "personal property replacement cost coverage."

Will your home owners policy cover damage to your car from a tree falling on it on your propertyi do not have full coverage on the car?

Short answer--No! In order to have the claim covered on the vehicle, you would need full coverage on the auto policy. This peril is covered under comprehensive, which is part of what is known as full coverage to the auto.

Day labor covered by home owners policy?

Hired Workers not covered by Homeowners InsuranceNo. They would be covered by their employers Worker Compensation coverage.

Is a professionally installed and maintained standby generator covered by a homeowners policy?

Sure. If it is wired directly to the home it is part of the home and covered in Coverage A. If it is portable, then it would be in Coverage C, Contents.

If you are drivng another persons car with permission and have no insurance but the car you are driving is insured will the car insurance pay to get the car fixed since you were at fault?

This is different from policy to policy. You need to check the owner's policy to see what is covered. If the owner didn't pay for such coverage, then the damage is not covered. Provided the owner is paying for comprehensive and collision coverage the damage will will be covered, subject to a deductible, as long as the driver is not excluded from coverage.

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