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If you are convicted of a misdemeanor do you have to list it on your job application?

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Hope this website helps or look for misdemeanor, prohibitive offense

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If you have a misdemeanor do you have to list it on your job application?


Do you have to list a misdemeanor DUI on a job application?

Most places ask if you have ever been convicted of a felony , the usually do not run a check for misdemeanor crimes, if it was me I would leave it off. <><><><> If the question is related to your work (especially if the work involves driving), you had better list it.

How should you state on a job application that you were convicted of a misdemeanor?

Not unless it specifically asks that. Most job applications that ask about criminal record usually only ask about felony convictions.

How do you answer misdemeanor conviction questions on applications?

A person should answer truthfully when answers questions about misdemeanor convictions on a job application. It is important to list the details and the dates that the convictions occurred.

Should you admit a felony on a job application if the felony was later reduced to a misdemeanor?

No, those questions want to know about the final disposition of the case. You may have been charged with a felony but convicted of a misdemeanor. Therefore, you're not a felon.

Felony was dropped to a misdemeanor do you have to put it on a job application?

No you dont

You are about to fill out a job application in the part if you evrer being convicted or pleaded guilty of any crime including a misdemeanor you had a misdeamanor case 18 years ago for indecent exposur?

but I was declared NOLLE PROS-COMP PTI in this case I am convicted? do I need to report this?

Your assault case was dismissed can you put no on a job application if ever convicted of a felony?

if the case was dismissed you were not convicted. you can truthfully answer no.

When filling out a job application do you have to list your gender?

When filling out a job application you might have to list your gender. This might just be for the company's database.

How do you answer 'Have you ever been convicted of a crime' on a job application?


How long do you have to answer yes on your job application if you were convicted of a felony in the state of FL?

you always have to

What if you were charged with a felony but convicted of a misdemenor how would you answer the question on a job application Have you ever been convicted of a felony?

if there are no other cases, then NO

List 6 personal information basics likely to be on a job application?

name, age, adress, phone number, past employment, and they ask if you have been convicted of a felony

How do you explain a misdemeanor on a job application?

You can't really explain it - you can only impress how you have changed since.

Summary in job application why should get job?

On a job application, people can list the skills they possess in the area that asks why they should get the job. People should also list past experiences that may them qualified for the position.

If you are 18 and was charged with shoplifting misdemeanor is it possible to still get a good job?

As long as your NOT "convicted" of the crime, it will not show up in a criminal record check, and employers only ask if you have been "convicted" of any crimes. Most times when a person is charged with shoplifting, they normally don't get "convicted" of it. (SD) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- yes you can if you were charged with a felony then you would have a problem. most job applications ask only if you have committed a felony. you should not have a problem. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On job application they can only ask if you have been "convicted" of a crime, if you were charged but "not convicted" or if it was dropped to something lower then a misdemeanor, you can say you were NOT CONVICTED. Now if you were caught shoplifting and went to court, and found guilty of a "misdemeanor shoplifting", then you would or should say YES to the question. Believe it or not, some employers may find your "new" honesty good, but I'm sure many would be scared you may steal from them too. Your best bet is to go get a police records check on yourself to see how you need to answer that question.

I have a misdemeanor and want to know how i could get it took in off of my record?

How do you explain misdemeanor assault charge on a job application without making yourself look even worse?

How do you word a misdemeanor in a job application?

If you have a misdemeanor, you will need to word it exactly as it appears on your court records. You can give an explanation of what happened in your own words, but make certain that you are honest.

Is it Constitutional to be asked in a job application if your were charged not convicted with a crime?

Yes, it is a legitimate and legal question.

Should you put down that you have a 2007 less than one once marijuana charge Misdemeanor in the state of Georgia when applying for a cashier job like O'Reilys auto parts and walmart in atlanta Ga?

If it asks whether you've been convicted of a crime, including a misdemeanor, and you have, you should answer honestly. A misdemeanor conviction may not prohibit you from employment, but lying on the application will prevent it, or will be grounds for termination when it comes out.

How do you answer have you been convicted of crime question on job application?

Say yes, Would like to dicuss in interview.

If you have a misdemeanor 1 and are expecting a misdemeanor 2 will you ever get a job in a hospital setting?

It depends on what the charges are. If it was anything to do with drugs or theft probally not. You can also seal your records(not for all charges), so on your job app you can mark the box that's says you have NOT been convicted of a crime.

Are Misdemeanor convictions asked on employment application?

Any sort of crime must be reported on job applications. Faliure to do this is a crime in itself.

Will shoplifting stop you from getting a job in criminal justice?

Shoplifting is usually a misdemeanor. If convicted of a misdemeanor, particularly while you are young, is seldom a bar in later life. Shoplifting can be a felony, if the merchandise is valuable, for repeated incidents, if violence is involved, etc. If convicted of a felony, it would be quite difficult to get a job in criminal justice. In many states, offenses committed while young can be removed from your record, a process called expungement, if you were convicted of a offense while under 21, you such look into it.

How do you answer if they asked to tell about yourself?

Well if it's in a job application there asking you to list some traits you have that have to do with the job...