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No. If it was your own vehicle and you caused the accident then it is entirely your responsibility that the damage was caused and that you get it fixed.

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The employer would be responsible especially if you were driving for work purposes.

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You cannot use an EIN unless you are using it for legitimate business purposes. The use of an EIN to obtain credit for personal purposes is prohibited by federal law. If you are an employer and have applied for and received an EIN, you can use it when applying for business credit, or when filing business tax returns.

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There are no personal, private messages on WikiAnswers. That is not one of the purposes of the site.

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I am certainly not an expert in this. But from personal experience I can tell you that I have been bonded for work purposes for over three years and I just found about it one year ago. With that said, I would have to say No.

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Your employer's auto policy may cover the company but not you, so you could be sued and your personal auto policy may not be enough to cover the claim. You don't pass the liability to your employer, and you may pay higher premiums because you're using your personal vehicle for commercial or business purposes.

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