If you are facing verbal abuse daily and it wears you down spiritualy and emotionally is there a way besides leaving to protect yourself from the downside to abuse?


Abuse (either verbal or physical) is NOT in any way acceptable, and by staying you're only continuing to let the abuser control you. If there are children involved then it is a MUST to get OUT of there as SOON AS POSSIBLE. I was raised in an abusive household and have witnessed way too many traumatic events to not be emotionally/physically scarred, and that led me to many other issues in life (abusive mentality, relationships..). These things will be carried through life and by staying it will only hurt the child even more. Some people manage to keep the abuse private from the rest of the family (kids), but since it severely effects your physical and emotional state, they will see that.

You asked if there's any way to deal with it without leaving, well... There's not a HEALTHY way to deal with it, at least. Most of the time the victim becomes a shell and is not their own person anymore, they are completely controlled by the abuser in more ways than they probably realize. If it's a parent abusing a child (maybe not your situation, I don't know) then the child needs to notify someone in authority of it, and they will take the necessary steps needed to maintain the child's safety and have help intervene and put the child (a minor) in a better living environment.
The only option is to GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN. Even if it's just verbal, that is just as bad. Some would even prefer physical pain for a short period than the emotional scars. Plus, half the time verbal abuse turns into a mix of verbal AND physical abuse. For the sake of being your own person and leading a healthy life (with abusive people you will not be in a good mental/physical state) , GET OUT.