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I really think that the best and healthiest way to lose weight is by dieting and exercising in a moderate way. It'll take some time but its the only way to lose weight. All it takes is dedication and hard work :)

And dieting doesn't mean starving yourself. It means eating healthy. That means no more chips, cookies, sodas and other fatty foods. Also cut back on red meat or go vegetarian. Before you complain I want to say going vegetarian is really not thathard. I'm a vegetarian and I don't find it that hard to get a my protein intake. Tofu and eggs are where it counts. Good Luck!

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โˆ™ 2012-06-17 06:47:20
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Q: If you are fat and really want to get skinny do you need to be on a diet or take some health pills?
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are any diet pills really safe?

There are only two FDA approved diet pills that are safe.

Did Michael Jackson have a diet of diet pills?

No, he took antidepressants and painkillers, not diet pills. He was skinny because he didn't eat much, which has always been the case with him.

Does lipozene diet pills really work?


Can you mix diet pills with other diet pills?

No that's never a good idea. Dont take diet pills in the first place, they really don't help all that much

What is chr-p diet pill?

stay away from all diet pills. I know people who have taken them and had serious health problems. The problem with them is you never know what is really in them.

How Does The Skinny Diet Work?

The skinny diet is a real diet it is a vegan diet. The skinny diet is a very healthy diet to try and if you are looking to cut out meats then this would be the diet for you.

Do you have to be really skinny to be a model?

You don't have to be really skinny to be a model, you should be skinny but toned as well. My advice is to have a healthy diet which includes some daily exercise like sit-ups or Jackknives.Just promise me you wont go on a crash diet :S its just sooo unhealthy (:

What is blobby?


Why do people take diet pills?

they take diet pills because like models they want to be skinny, to lose weight fast and to look beautiful so people won't make fun of how they look because maybe they are over weight or fat.

Will snorting diet pills get you high?

Yes, snorting diet pills will get you high, but only certain brands of diet pills.

What do you think of Skinny Cow diet pills?

I think they are amazing they certainly stopped me from picking in between meals and i have noticed a massive difference in my weight.

Where can you buy a diet supplement pill?

You can buy diet supplement pills at your local pharmacy or health food store. There are many supplement pills available and for some doctor consultation prior to purchase is recommended.

What are the health risks of a low carb diet?

A few health risks could be that you might get too skinny or you're not getting enough sugar into your body!!!

What diet pills actually work?

Some diet pills do actually work depending on how they are taken and your diet modifications with the pills. Working pills include phentermine and Meridia.

How does La Toya Jackson keep her figure?

Most likely she is naturally skinny. Most of the Jacksons are really skinny. Or, maybe she has a special diet she uses

Which diet pills is stongest?

No diet pills work, so therefore no diet pill is the strongest

How do diet pills cause weight loss?

burning your calories, and get rid of your body wastes. ANSWER: Diet pills speed up your heart rate and make you not want to eat. They are dangerous and can cause many health problems.

How does a fat person become skinny?

There's really no substitute for diet and exercise, but you may want to try diet aids if you are severly obese.

What are the best diet pills for kids?

Diet pills are not a good idea for kids, and you should never take them if they are offered to you. If you want more information about diet and healthy lifestyle you could try a Health Department website for your area or ask another question.

Do diet pills still work after expiration date?

diet pills after expiration

How much are diet pills for kids?

Kids can't take diet pills

What is the best diet plan for really skinny people?

If you are skinny, then you do not need a diet. People struggle everyday to lose weight so as long as you eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, some proteins, grains an dairy you are fine. A well balanced me is the key if you are naturally skinny do not worry about it.

Can you take diet pills and breastfeed?

can you breastfeed and take diet pills! The short answer- NO WAY

How can you purchase slim ball diet pills?

How can I purchase the slim ball diet pills

How can you find information about a diet pill that works?

There are a number of online websites that offer information about the effectiveness of diet pills. Some of these websites include WebMD, Best Health and Mayo Clinic. One could also speak to their family physician to get more information about diet pills.