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A warning light that looks like this or says SRS should NEVER come onunless there is a fault in your vehicle's air bag system supplemental restraint system or SRS). You can drive the vehicle but the air bag(s) will NOT deploy should you be involved in an accident. You should have the problem diagnosed and repaired at your earliest convenience.

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Q: If you are getting '51-Internal fail of SRS unit ' for your 'SRS Light On' problem what does this mean?
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yes they but it on a scan tool and they should tell you what the problem is and what needs to be done.

SRS light on can't start ML320?

SLS light may fail to start because of a faulty wire harness. It is important to visit a local repair shop if the problem persists.

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How can you turn off the ABS light on the dash of a 1992 Nissan maxima?

if abs light is on, there is a problem in your brake system if the problem has already been repaired, disconnect battery for 5 minutes to cancel signal in computer. if problem has not been repaired, get it fixed otherwise signal and light will just keep coming back,not to mention your brakes will fail right when you need em most

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