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I have used both premade as well as do it yourself tanks. I have found that one works just as well as the other. It really depends on what you prefer. As far as going about breeding mice. Before you do so ask yourself why are you breeding?? Is it for pet or is it for food? Is it to make a profit {because "talking from experience" 9 out of 10 times you won't be making a profit?} Remember you start out with two and can have 50 or more at the end of 3 months.. You will need to accomadate all of those mice {I currently breed both mice and rats for pet purposes. I am a small hobbist breeder} I had over 100 mice and at least 50 rats at one point because my buyer was not able to purchase any from me she was having trouble moving the ones she already had in the store. I spend over 100 dollars a month in supplies and about 60 hours a week just to care for my rodents.. you will also have to take the time to separate males from females, unless they are the current breeding pair, otherwise you WILL wind up with unwanted litters. PLEASE before you make the decision to breed make sure you have the time and money to commit to your animals. Wether they are for pet purposes or for food they still require the same amount of care. Healthy rodents make healthy pets either way.


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Q: If you are getting a mouse should you buy a premade cage or buy a cage and put stuff in it and how big should you make it and how do you breed mice?
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