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Check out CA Penal Code 502

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Q: If you are getting divorced and your spouse hacked into your email could he she use them in court?
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Could Greeks marry more than once?

Only if their spouse died or was divorced.

How can you get divorced when the spouse is in another country?

Here you can be divorced from your wife even if she is living in another country. You can courier the papers and get her signature, and you could tell her that you would pay the charges , and send her the money.

Your spouse has a new family but will not tell you if you are divorced. How can you check?

Assuming your spouse hasn't moved from the jurisdiction where you were married you can check the family court records in the local family court for a divorce case. If you moved away or dropped out of sight for a long period your spouse could have obtained a divorce by publishing a notice in the local newspaper. Your spouse cannot get legally married again until you are legally divorced.

Can you marry if you are not divorced yet?

No you cannot get married before getting a divorce. If you do you could be arrested for bigamy.

Can Clash of Clans be hacked?

It probably could be hacked, but it would be extremely hard to so.

Could a spouse move back into the home after he packs and leaves the home and family?

yes you can if you are still married by law......until divorced nothing either partner can do

What does it mean when you dream about your spouse getting shot?

This sounds like the type of exaggeration typical of dreams. Your spouse getting shot could be a literal image of the common expression, "he got shot down," meaning that he was criticized or contradicted.

Were do you get a clown suit on clubpenguin?

You can not get it anymore..... But you could if you hacked.

How much increase could one expect from divorcee SS payments to widow benefits?

A former spouse can receive benefits under the same circumstances as a current spouse or widow/widower if the marriage lasted 10 years or more. Benefits paid to a surviving divorced spouse will not affect the benefitrates for other beneficiaries.

If divorced and the spouse dies can the surviving spouse get married in the church?

The spouse can get married before he/she dies or after. Unless the religion prevents a marriage there is nothing in law that prevents it.Additional information:In terms of civil law, once a person is divorced, he/she can be married again regardless of the status (single, remarried, alive or dead) of the ex-spouse.Whether or not a divorced person can be married in a church depends entirely on the specific type of church. The Roman Catholic church does not recognize divorce. Whether a Roman Catholic who had been divorced could be married in the Roman CatholicChurch after the ex-spouse dies is a question that needs to be answered by a priest. Different priests may have different views.Most main-line Protestant churches will permit divorced persons to be remarried in the church whether the ex-spouse is living or not. Other more conservative Protestant denominations and non-denominational congregations have a variety of practices and would need to be investigated separately.

What are the disadvantages of using ICT in police?

could get hacked or be misleading.

You got hacked on HorseIsle?

You send an abuse report, then the admin will see who hacked, and they will be punished, in the meantime there is nothing you can do. Also change your password just in case because you could of been hacked or someone you knew could have got on because they new your password

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