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If you are getting gas to the fuel injection but not out of the return line what could be the problem?

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Fuel pressure regulator.

2015-07-16 18:30:09
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This could be a number of problems... Fuel pump problem? Carbuerator / fuel injection problem? Timing problem?

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When accelerating at higher rpm's with a 1991 passat gl why would the acceleration stutter would this be a fuel filter problem?

yes it could be one or two bad filters. check one in gas tank and other down the fuel line. change if dirty and see if that fixes the problem. if not it could also be a comp problem with your fuel injection. also air fuel mixture could be off. jb yes it could be one or two bad filters. check one in gas tank and other down the fuel line. change if dirty and see if that fixes the problem. if not it could also be a comp problem with your fuel injection. also air fuel mixture could be off. i had the same problem and it was my air fuel mixture was to lean at higher speeds. jb

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When warmed up chirping noise fuel injector area?

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Do you need high pressure fuel line for the return line on fuel injection?

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What does the fi light mean on a 2006 kawasaki zx6r 636?

It means there is a problem with the fuel injection unit... this could be caused by a host of things including a after market exhaust

If a 1977 Ford Maverick seems like it is not getting gas when you step on the pedal what could be the problem?

It could be that your carburetor needs to be rebuilt.

Why would you get a lot of black smoke from your Audi A4?

Black smoke means the engine consumes too much gas - possible problem with fuel injection. Is your check engine light on? It could also be a problem with oxygen sensors.

What could be the problem with your 1992 geo metro convertible if it is getting fuel and fire but it will not start?

Fuel injector

Where does small tube coming off right side of gas tank go?

Depending on the car it could be a vent for the fill hose. It could be a fuel line to the front of the car It could be a vent line for the charcoal canister (pollution control system) Or it could be a return line from the fuel injection system

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This could possibly be a fuel problem. Has the fuel filter been changed ? Fuel pressure checked ? Is there dirt in the fuel tank ?

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Ford Ranger dies going uphill?

A Ford Ranger may die going uphill due to ignition problems. There could also be a problem with the fuel injection or fuel pump.

What does a fuel injection problem on a 1994 camaro mean?

It means your fuel injector or computer are messed up. Your injector could be very clogged. Somewhere in your fuel system you have a problem. You should have a scanner plugged into your car and get the code, it should lead you to it or near.