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only if your surgery is the result of a work related injury. Sorry.

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Do i need to file income taxes Workmens comp did not send you a1099?

Do i need to file income taxes ,workmens comp did not send me a 1099? I did not file last year 2007 because i asked workmens comp. for a 1099 they did not send ...so i assumed i did not need to file. Can i file both years?

Does your employer have to file for workmens comp after they tell you to take time off because they dont have work for you?

Workers comp is a benefit associated with workplace inuries, not with lack of work. Employers never file for WC, injured employees do.

If you were terminated for not being able do your job after a work accident can you collect unemployment even though you got a workmens comp settlement?

In New York you can not collect both at the same time. If you can prove, which would be hard without physical evidence, that you were fired due to the injury you can sue the employer. But if you are collecting comp you can file a claim for unemployment but I would wait until the comp is up.

What can you do if an employer fails to file a claim on workman's comp?

Contact the state you live in workmans comp office and file a complaint.

Can you file a work related injury carputunnell surgery on workman's comp?

yes you can. as long as the injury was obtained while working. Usually in a repetitive motion job.

When you file a workmens comp claim do they check your credit history and do a criminal background check?

They might. If they have reason to believe you have filed a number of similar claims they may investigate you for fraud, and may investigate at random. If you have a legitimate claim, don't let this concern keep you from filing it.

Can you collect workmans comp and file for ca state disability?

You can collect workmen's comp and file for ca state disability in some states. You cannot do this in other states.

Can you receive workmen's comp if the injury was a while ago?


Can you choose where to have surgery in a workers comp case?

In California you could choose where the surgery will be performed. It is not up to you though. You can choose to have your surgery in CH8 in Geneva but the carrier will only pay a certain amount and it is then up to the provider to file a lien on your case to recover the remainder of the bill. Many providers will not want to go through this hassle.

Can you still file a workman's comp claim if the injury happened a year ago?

You can still file a workman's comp claim. You may have more trouble proving it than if you had filed it right away. It may help to consult a workman's comp attorney or advisor.

Is workmens comp responsible for the 20 percent your insurance does not pay on doctors bills and prescriptions?

If you are talking about the med you get for workers comp pain they do pay the 100% (do not use your ins.)... (doctors visits as well) 100% If you have been injured on the job, Worker's Compensation is responsible for the WHOLE thing. It is not responsible for the 20% copay for your health insurance. It is illegal for you to file a work related claim on your personal insurance. Such claims must be covered by work comp per the Worker's Compensation Act. If your health insurance finds out, they can demand repayment.

Can you claim SDI if im colleting workmens compensation?

You can file for SSDI if you are receiving workers' compensation benefits. The Social Security office will probably send a form to the carrier handling your claim requesting information about any wage benefits you are being paid. SSDI benefits may be offset (reduced) by workers' comp wage benefits, but the fact that you are receiving work comp does not prevent you from being able to apply for and receive SSDI.

What should I do if you have a on going workmans comp case and your employer files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy?

File away; worker's comp cases may be the kind of debt the company must pay regardless of their chapter 11 status. Ask your attorney handling your case.

Can a person file for comp if fired?

If a worker is injured in the course of employment, he/she must claim workers comp. Whether he/she gets fired later for any reason has zero effect on the comp benefit.

Who pays you if you get hurt on the job in PA?

Your employer's workers comp. You have to file a claim.

If you have been denied Workmans comp and your short term disability benefits can you file for unemployment in Kentucky?

Because Workers Comp and disability are health issues, you can file for unemployment, but you have to qualify for them under Kentucky's laws like everyone else.

What are your rights filing for workman's comp if employed?

If you sustained any injury while on the job you have the right to file for Workman's Comp, even though you are still employed.

Can an employee collect pay and worker's comp benefits at the same time?

NO you can not lose your pay. If you are back to work light duty and need to see the work comp doctor or therapy then you receive your pay and work comp * If you are out of work due to an injury you WILL NOT RECEIVE YOUR REGULAR PAYCHECK from your employer. In a nut shell; you go to work, your employer pays you. If you cannot go to work due to a workmens comp claim you will have to file for comp from the State or the insurer. In the State of Nevada you only receive about 45 cents on the dollar compaired to what you would receive had you worked for your employer. * WCI benefits are paid to a worker when the person cannot perform the duties attributed to his or her job. The employee CANNOT receive regular pay and WCI benefits at the same time.

Can you still file for workman comp if you return to work after surgery for carpal tunnel and am unable to work?

Yes, you have three years to file for workers' compensation in Pennsylvania. After you return to work after receiving workers' compensation, you have, at least, 9.6 years to re-open the wage loss claim. The medical claim is for life.

Can you file for workman's comp and still work?

No....because if you have injured yourself how are you able to work.

How do you say buy in spanish?

comprar. comp as in COMPuter and rar as in RAR(file type)

Is workers' comp settlement exempt from bankruptcy in pa?

A worker's comp settlement is exempt from bankruptcy in PA. When you file for bankruptcy, you will lose anything that you owe money on.

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