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Smart is relative...LOL That choice did keep you from walking. It would be a wise choice to SELL the truck instead of letting it go back. You might have to borrow 1-5K to complete the payoff, but, you wouldn't have a repo on your CR, and the bank hounding you for payment of the balance due. Think about it...

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How come mostly everything is made in china?

Because their production of their products is easier cheaper.

Why is everything made in China?

Many things are made in China, but not everything. Companies have their factories in China and other countries because production is cheaper.

Why is everything cheaper in the US than the UK?

because there is more of the object in the states and that is why its more expensive in the UK

Is a vacation package usefull?

A lot of times if you take a package, everything is included in the price and you don't have to worry anymore about having to book things like transfers. Booking a trip into a package is mostly a lot cheaper than booking everything seperately.

Is Walmart cheaper than staples?

Yes, Walmart has cheaper office supplies and everything else

Why don't they make VHS tapes anymore?

They've been replaced by DVD's, which are cheaper to manufacture. ---- It is already phased out because of DVD and blue ray disk.

Will t-mobile sidekick 2008 be cheaper in 2009?

SIdekick 2008 must be cheaper in 2009 cause its not 2008 anymore so maybe.

Why cigarettes cost so much?

because "they" don't want people to smoke anymore, you'd think that according to economics they would be cheaper and cheaper as less people smoke but it isn't the case. the only reason its still legal is because of government funding by Philip Morris and others in the cigarette industry.

Why is everything in America made in china?

Everything is made in China because its much cheaper than to get it made in America. The people in China will accepte any amount of money, but in America they will want a good salary.

Which is better woolworths or coles?

Most people will have to go with Cole's because they are much cheaper than what Woolworth's is but sometimes Woolworth's has great discounts on everything.

Why was the printing press revolutionary?

The printing press was revolutionary because print could be made faster and more efficiently. Otherwise, you would have to write everything out. It was also a lot cheaper because of the gross of it.

Is traditional school cheaper?

Yes because feild trips are cheaper

Which is the best conductor among these gold silver copper or aluminum?

Silver is, then copper, then gold, and then aluminum. Copper is used for wiring because it is cheaper than silver. Aluminum is not used very much anymore because it can be dangerous when installed improperly.

Why is it cheaper to call a mobile phone that is attached to the same company rather than another company?

It is cheaper because the company that the caller is using are both on the same network. If you called a Optus phone on a three phone than the connection has to cross to another network so it is more.

Why are netbooks cheaper than laptops?

Net-books are cheaper than laptops because they don't have as much memory or hard drive as a laptop does, the space is very limited. Everything Runs slower and somethings don't function quite as well as they would on a laptop...

What is better buying a guinea pig starter kit or buying a cage and everything for the cage?

The starter kit sounds cheaper to buy, because it is sold in one bulk purchase.

Why are mussels cheaper than clams?

Mussels are cheaper then clams because Calms are hard to find.

Is there photography software that functions like Photoshop but costs less?

Almost everything that can be done has a way to be done cheaper. There are name brand programs and then there are competor programs which are usually cheaper.

Is an iPhone or an itouch cheaper?

the itouch is cheaper because the iphone you have to pay for a bunch of things that cost alot

Why are cars cheaper in US?

well it depends what kind or car you are talking about. American cars cost less because they do not have to be imported over to the USA from another country.

Is it cheaper to shop in Mexico then in America?

If you go from the u.s to Mexico yes its cheaper because you have dollars and your dollars turn to more pesos, but if you live in Mexico then its not cheaper....

What is the price for a LG neon cover?

I've been searching for a cover for the LG Neon because I bought it the other day, and everything online is between $12.99 and $9.99. Since it's new, it doesn't look like its gonna get any cheaper. If you find one cheaper, let me know...

Why is it better to buy a skateboard already put together than apart?

its not better i'd rather buy everything separate not only cause its better also because its cheaper most of the time the stuff it comes with sucks so your better off buying everything separate

Is gold jewelry cheaper to buy in India?

yes it is because it is more cheaper and we are richer here than India .

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