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If you are having an above ground pool to be installed in Queens County are you required to install a 6 foot fence?


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2015-07-16 18:16:44
2015-07-16 18:16:44

Would you want to have a neighborhood child fall into your pool and drown? How could you live with yourself if that did happen?

Codes in every city require fences around pools. The height will vary from area to area. With out a fence you open yourself up to litigation that could be open ended - running the risk of loosing ALL that you own and more. The fence must be of the proper height and materials with a SELF CLOSING GATE AND LATCH. That means that the gate must close and latch from any distance from the closing latch on the first swing. There also may be other requirements to be met by or from your local code book. Items such as an alarm on the door and windows to the pool area. Code may require one or more of these life saving devices. Do not become complacent about these safety devices. Children of all ages can and have defeated these devices.

Safety, safety, safety.


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