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Excess weight makes anything physical more difficult. Excess weight AND twins both predispose to pre-eclampsia (high blood pressure and protein in the urine). Depending on your previous obstetric history labor may or may not be more difficult.

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How will i know am having twins in my pregnancy?

Through an ultrasound.

Is there something you can do to have twins?

Taking fertility pills increases the chances. The chance of having twins goes up with being slightly overweight. Older women also have a larger chance of having twins.

If you show in a pregnancy at 3 months does that mean you are going to have twins?

No it doesn't mean you're having twins.

What are the chances of having twins after aborting twins?

It is the same for any other pregnancy. Abortion does not change the randomness of identical twins or the familiar tendency to have fraternal twins.

Are your symptoms stronger or different when having twins compared to 1 child?

I had twins. Do you mean the symptoms from the onset or labor?

My hcg was 66 does this mean I'm having twins?

No, that is normal for a single pregnancy.

Do pregnancy tests work if your having twins?

Yes. There shouldn't be any reason why not. - CDM

Are your chances higher of having a multiple pregnancy after already having twins?

My doctor told me the chances are better than 50%, but my second pregnancy gave me a single birth!

My grandmothers sister had twins what are my chances?

Overall chances of your having twins are about 3.2%. According to several sources, here are some factors in increasing your chances of having twins: You are over 45 (17% of women over 45 have twins). You have twins in your family on your mom's side (17%). You are African-American. You have been pregnant before. You have had twins before (12%). You are undergoing fertility treatment. You are overweight. You are tall.

What does it mean if my hcg blood level in pregnancy is more than doubling in 48hrs?

You could be having twins!

How early in pregnancy can you tell if you are having twins?

As soon as you see the second head coming out.. Or when you have a scan or when you go to the doctor & they tell you what you having #bow

What are the chances that I will have twins?

So, my boyfriend and I are considering having a baby. Twins run in both of our families and it just so happens that the chance of having twins is on both of our generations. What are the chances of me becoming pregnant with twins if he and I do choose to start a family?

How do you get twins pregnancy?

Twins Pregnancy is mostly passed through the family. So, if one of your elders or other half's elders have twins pregnancy then it is possible that you will have it too but there's no guarantee.

Are having twins hereditary?

Yes having twins is hereditary. But having identical twins isn't.

What is the odds of twins children having twins?

The fact that twins run in families is actually a myth. The odds of twins having twins is the same as a non-twin having twins. That is about 1 in 33.

If you have had one twin pregnancy with an absorption are chances the high to have another twin pregnancy?

After having multiplies, chances of having another set of multiplies increase. be it twins or more, your chances will increase each time you have a set of multiplies.

I'm over 300lbs and my husband and I are trying to get pregnant what are the chances of it happening faster?

Weight does have an effect on pregnancy. There is actually a higher percentage chance of getting pregnant with twins then at normal weight. But being so severely overweight greatly increases pregnancy risks such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Being so grossly overweight greatly reduces your chances of conceiving and as the answer above states it greatly increases pregnancy risks. A BMI of 19-25 gives the greatest chance of conceiving, being at the upper end of this range increases the chances of twins not having a BMI of 47 (if you are 5'7", higher if you are shorter, lower if you are taller but still grossly obese)

What are physical characteristic of birth of the twins?

The Twins themselves are usually smaller than single pregnancy Babies. The mother will be more fatigued by having to go o two deliveries. ANd that's about it.

Is Britney Spears having twins?

No, Britney Spears is not having twins.

I'm late on my period and having a lot of signs of pregnancy. If I'm pregnant with twins would that cause my hormone levels to be lower and cause a negative test?

I'm late on my period and having alot of signs of pregnancy. If I'm pregnant with twins would that cause my hormone levels to be lower and cause a negative test?

Do you need an expansion pack to have twins?

No, having twins in the sims 2 is rare. Unless you have Open for Buisseness, if you do, eat the cheese cake(i think) and it willl increase your chances of twins. Or use the cheat forcetwins while the sim is about to go into labor.

How far along in a pregnancy can you tell if its twins?

I had a scan at 8 weeks and was told I was having twins and saw there were two foetuses (prior to this I had dreamt it was twins). Also when I took the pregnancy test, just as my period was due, the line on the test was really really dark. Once I discovered I was having twins I realised the line had been really dark because of my elevated levels of HGC. A faint line would have been expected so early in the pregnancy, when HGC is rising, but HGC rises faster in twin pregnancies than singleton ones, so the early indication of a high level of HGC was an early sign it was twins.

Odds of twins having twins?


How can you improve the chances of having twins?

There are two primary types of twins, Identical and Fraternal. Identical twins occur when the egg splits after fertilization. To date no indication of a genetic link has been found. Anyone has a chance, though small, of having identical twins. Fraternal twins occur when more than one egg is dropped during ovulation. This trait can be inherited from the mother's side of the family. Studies have shown that the chances are also increased by being overweight or older.

Can twins have twins?

Yes Twins Have More Of A Chance Of HAving Twins Becuase Its In There Genes