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From what you say it seems she's worked out that the relationship won't last much longer.

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If you are in long term relationship and suddenly your boyfriend starts avoiding you and acting distant what could be the problem?

you're getting boring or he sees another girl also he might think your cheating because a rumor started

How many percent of females cheat in a relationship?

There are no correct statistics as to how many females cheat in a relationship because cheating is done in secrecy and many are still going on without the other mate knowing she is cheating on him.

How do you know when your cheating in a relationship?

because your doing stuff with another person that you aren't supposed too!

Why does cheating happen in relationship?

a kind cheating is not OK. You should let the person know that you are very angry with cheating. ANSWER: Simple there are relationship that is not as strong because of love, trust and chemistry. And some will never care if they hurt someone they love. Over all I think it sick when people do this..

Why is it important to be aware of unhealthy characteristics of a relationship?

It's important because those unhealthy characteristics threaten to destroy everything you've worked on together to get that relationship so far...

What is considered cheating in a relationship?

A sexual relationship doesn't have to occur to make it cheating. If an individual is going steady with a person or living/married to their partner and they sneak out because they secretly are attracted to another of the opposite sex is cheating! Even if it's strictly petting and no other sexual contact if you are doing it in secret behind your partner's back it's cheating!

Can two girls make out and it not be cheating?

No. It has to be cheating because mostly every girl has a boyfriend. So as you probably all know two girls in a relationship is called lesbians.

How does the ship's unusual cargo suddenly threaten the three lighthouse keeper in Three Skeleton Key?

The three attendants' safety is threatened because the ship is teeming with ravenous rats.

Why do relationships end?

Relationships could end because someone in the relationship was cheating. Also they could end because (if it is a relationship at school) they are getting laughed at by their friends, or simply because the couple do not love each other anymore.

He says he cares and is ready for a relationship but wants to take things slow but doesnt spend a lot of time with me because of work and when he says he has time he doesnt call is he cheating?

yes he is cheating on you

What does it mean if you dream about almost kissing someone but stop because of an existing relationship and it would feel like cheating?

it wont because it was just a dream

How do you know if your girlfriend is not cheating on you?

Every couple runs the risk of one or both cheating on the other. Good communication skills are a must in a relationship. Sit down calmly with her and discuss how you feel, but do not accuse her of cheating. You may have trust issues because you have been hurt in the past by someone else. Talk things out with your girlfriend and be sure to let her know that cheating by either of you is not acceptable and it would ruin the relationship.

Why if you suspect that something is wrong in your relationship your lover will tell you if he is cheating he will not admit?

Because people want the best of both worlds

The one thing Gemini fears most in a relationship.?

something broke because they aspire to fix ad recreate, and hen something breaks in a relationship o suddenly changes it frightens them because cannot control it.

How to prevent cheating in a long distant relationship?

be with them in person. if you like them enough to worry if they're cheating, you should be with them physically. and if you can't because they're too far away, start saving brah.

If a mate is implying you are cheating should you question whether they are cheating?

* No, this does not mean that your mate is cheating because they are implying you are. If you are not cheating then they may have had a past experience (even one parent cheating on another) and they fear you are cheating. Some mates can be extremely jealous of the opposite sex coming anywhere near their partner and both reasons given is due to insecurity. Communication is the most important thing you will ever have in your relationship so the both of you should sit down and you should bluntly ask your mate that you feel they are implying you are cheating and why. If your relationship is mature then it will survive.

Is kissing someone else cheating?

I had the same question and i dont really think it is as long as the other person doesnt find out! Yes because if its a secret then its cheating It is cheating, but having sex would be, like, FULL cheating. Know what I mean? Everything has different degrees of cheating. It is cheating, as long as it's something you don't want them (your own partner) to be doing. So an open relationship isn't cheating.

How would you know if your girlfriend is was cheating on you if she is a liar?

You have to be sure that your girlfriend is a liar (lied to you before) before accusing her of cheating on you. If you have caught lying about cheating then you are wise to break up the relationship with her because once a bond of trust is broken it is difficult to go on in the relationship. Since no individual knows themselves 100% they cannot be expected to know another person 100%.

Did John Cena get a divorce?

There are rumors saying John got a divorce to his wife Liz because she was cheating oh him. My answer: Yes, he filed for divorce just recently. As for the cheating rumor, that doesn't make any sense because the two had an open relationship.

Can signs and symptoms of depression be mistakenly taken as signs of cheating in a relationship?

yes, sometimes when in a relationship people are depressed for other reason like work or other things and this maybe mistaken for cheating because they are quit and stuff just talk to him or her and tell them what is going on dont stay quite

Is your boyfriend cheating if he buys more fancy clothes and he suddenly uses spray deodorant and wants to go to the gym because his back hurts and he is recently working at a new job?


Why do you dream of your boyfriend cheating?

probably because he is cheating

Why doesnt your boyfriend like talking about the future?

Maybe because he is afraid of commitment and think your taking the relationship a too fast pace for him Or he doesn't even want a relationship with you/one timer or he is cheating on you

Is he cheating because he is ignoring your texts and calls?

It is possible he is ignoring your texts and calls because he is cheating or there is a slight possibility he is busy. He may well be taking the easy way out of any relationship you may have had with him and if possible you should try to meet up with him if you know where he will be and ask him for an honest answer as to where your relationship stands. It is simply making him responsible for his own actions and not letting him get off that easy.

When women are mentally done with a relationship and use cheating as an exit strategy do they have any guilt or do they rationalize it away because the relationship is over in their mind?

Some women do feel very guilty for cheating while other women don't care one bit. It depends on the type of woman that she is. To use cheating as an exit is a chicken way out. It's best to talk to your mate and discuss problems in the relationship and be honest. If the woman (or man) isn't happy in the relationship then they should break-up and move on. Why cheat!