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Yes they will, but you may have to pay a deductable if you do not have uninsured motorist coverage, and you you must have comp & coll coverage.

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If the insurance policy lapses after a claim has been submitted for a minor accident will it affect the claim processing?

The claims department will be concerned only with the status of the policy at the moment of the accident. Other than that, it will not come into play. Any delay would be very minor (as long as it takes someone in the coverage dpt to determine that there was coverage on the date of loss). However, if the insurance was lapsed on the day of the accident, this will, of course, cause there to be no coverage for the accident.

If you have an accident and then reinstate your insurance are you covered?

If the accident occurred after your policy lapsed and before reinstatement, no, it won't.

How can you get insurance when it has lapsed and you didn't know it?

It really depends on how long your policy has lapsed, but there are insurance companies that will provide you with insurance coverage even with a lapse. Give us a call and we can get you a replacement policy. 847-444-2571, ask for LIZ.

What if you have a past due balance on car insurance account then get in an accident?

You're probably screwed because your insurance most likely has lapsed.

What do you do if you have an accident with a lapsed insurance and the vehicle is totaled?

You pay for the damages out of your pocket. Answer How lapsed? There is a grace period with insurance companies. Call your agent. If it's been more than 2-3 weeks my guess is you are out of luck.

Can a suspended insurance policy be re instated?

It depends. In many cases, insurance companies may reinstate coverage if the premiums for the lapsed months are paid.

If my insurance coverage has lapsed do I have to inform new insurance carrier?

Not answering an application for insurance has serious consequences. If you 'misrepresent' any information on the application and suffer a claim, then entire claim can be denied.

Is there a difference between lapsed and cancelled auto insurance?

Cancellation Termination of an insurance contract before its expiration date, by either the insurance company or the policyholder. Lapsed Insurance Policy When a policyholder fails to pay the due premiums, his or her insurance will get cancelled. These are referred to as a lapsed insurance policies.

If you have an accident other party admits fault no police report your insurance was lapsed will the other insurance cover your loss?

As long as the other carrier has accepted liability, they will owe for your damages whether you have insurance or not.

How long does a car accident stay on your record in san antonio tx?

Our Driving record is permanent. It never just goes away. Fortunately, Insurance companies only look at the past 3 to 5 years of driving records when rating your insurance coverage, so once 5 years has lapsed, for all intents and purposes for insurance it does not show up.

What are the benefits of getting Gap Medical Insurance?

Gap health insurance can be beneficial if a preexisting condition exists. It is also helpful in the event of emergencies during which for whatever reason health coverage has lapsed.

Why would someone be told they don't have health insurance anymore He did have excellus blue cross blue shield?

You would need to ask that question of the insurance company. If he stopped paying his premiums then he would no longer have the insurance. If the old insurance plan no longer meets the minimum required coverage under the Affordable Care Act then the policy may also have lapsed.

When in an auto accident and the person gives proof of insurance and it's lapsed -can I get info from the police from the insurance policy number?

That's the first place I would go is to the police officer who wrote the report. Let them know the insurance lapsed and ask them to check on a current insurance. If the policy they gave the office is not valid I would pretty much guarantee that they don't have insurance. You can call the owner of the vehicle from the report as well. Most likely you will have to turn it over to your insurance company if you have uninsured motorists coverage. Your company will pay the claim and go after the other party. They will do the legwork and pay all legal fees involved with collecting from the other person.

If given a ticket for no proof of insurance and insurance had lapsed but have since gotten insurance what should I do?

the only thing that matters is whether or not you had insurance at the date you got pulled over. if you got insurance two weeks later that will not work. if you had valid insurance but did not have a copy of it with you contact the court and let them know...they will ask for proof of coverage. if you can provide that they will dismiss the ticket. acceptable proof of insurance is an insurance card showing you had coverage on said date or a letter of experience from your insurance company.

Can a car be repossessed when all payments have been made?

Yes, if there is a breach of the lending contract, such as non payment of late fees or penalties, lapsed insurance coverage and so forth.

Is car insurance mandatory in Connecticut?

The state of Connecticut requires car insurance. The law requires that drivers carry liability coverage of $20,000 per person and $40,000 per accident for bodily injury, as well as $10,000 per accident for property damage liability. Those are the minimum requirements. Drivers are urged to consider higher limits. Insurance companies are required to report lapsed policies to the state authorities. http://www.ct.gov/cid/cwp/view.asp?q=390260

If someone pays a lapsed life insurance policy up to date does that individual become payee or benificiary?

Only if the policy owner, sends a written request to the Insurance Company to do that.

What does it mean when your car insurance is inactive?

It means you have no insurance. Either it has lapsed or has been cancelled.

What if you get in a wreck but have failed to pay the insurance the past month the car is new and has gap insurance but the insurance is inactive because of failure to pay?

Your Not covered for anything at all. If the auto insurance is inactive, then so is the GAP coverage. "GAP Insurance" is Not "Auto Insurance", it is Finance Company Insurance. it will only pay the difference after your required Auto Insurance policy has paid it's maximum limits. If your auto insurance lapsed, then your GAP insurance has also lapsed automatically and concurrently. The GAP Insurance is Void in the absense of an auto insurance policy. Your on the hook for all monies owed to all parties involved with your finance note. Take Care

How do you get money back from lapsed life insurance met life?

how do you get money back from life insurance met

Can you have car insurance on a car with a suspended plate bc i didnt know my ins. lapsed and got new policy in the meantime my plate was suspended i cont. paying on all cars including suspended 1?

You can have insurance on a suspended plate. If you get in an accident with a suspended plate, though, your insurance company may not cover the accident because the car was not legal to drive.

If your insurance lapsed and you had an accident but then you paid it a half day late will they still cover the accident?

Maybe. Some insurance policies have a grace period. Therefore, depending on the circumstances you may be covered. You need to call your agent asap. Not if you are with Safe Auto. They dont care if you are 15 mins late with a payment. Most places have a grace period though.

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