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You are still very young, so nix the sex! If he tries anything with you NEVER be afraid to tell him to stop!!! You'd be a smart girl to do this. You could go to movies with him, your favorite hang-outs, go to concerts (if you can afford it) and the both of you could hang out with each other's friends. That's about the norm. Hold hands go to the movies and thank your parents for driving you.

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What if your sister is 8 should she have a boyfriend?

No! I didn't have my first boyfriend until I was in 7th grade and even then we weren't even close to being serious.

What do you do in third grade if you have a boyfriend?

Probably wonder why you have a boyfriend when you are only 8 years old.

How do you get a boyfriend in 3rd grade when you're 8?

tell him he is great at soccer

What grade is an 8 year old?

depends. If he or she went to first grade at six, then 8 year old would be in 3rd grade. If he or she went to first grade at sever, than 8 year old would be in 2nd.

You like a guy you are in 8 th grade what should you do?

You should tell him

What grade is Jaden Smith in 2012?

Since he is now 13 he should be in 8 th grade

Should you date in the 8 th grade?

You should date when you feel your ready.

What an 8 year old should be doing?

The 8 year old should be in about the 3rd grade and attending school.

How many angles does an octagan have first grade answer please?

The octagon has 8 angles in every grade.

What is the pay-grade of the First Sergeant of the United States Army?

It is pay grade E-8.

Is grade 8 hard?

If you keep stressing, the first day of Grade 8 will seem hard. When you can get use to all the work sometime, it will feel easy.

Can you have a boyfriend and not tell your parents at age 8?

No, when you are 8 years old you should playing with barbies not dating.

What if your boyfriend has been living with you for 8 months you are finding out your two sons do not like him should you ask him to move out for awhile?

yes. you should make him leave. but first touch him really good.

How do you get a boyfriend if you are 8?

If you are 8 you don't need a boyfriend

How old should you be in grade 2?

7-8 years, other if your birthday is early.

What are some persuasive speech topics for grade 8?

why you should eat butt and fart

Which grade of bolts should be used when mounting an engine to a repair stand?

I would recommend at least Grade 8, just to make sure.

Can grade 6 girl go out with grade 8 boy?

of couse not it would be just gross and very mindful

Can you have boyfriends and girlfriends in grade 8?

This should depend on your parents permission. Some parents will let their children date at the age of 13, some make them wait until a later age. Usually grade 8 is a good grade to start dating.

What is the highest grade in flute?

The highest grade on the flute is grade 8 (this is teaching grade)

How many years does it take from grade 1 to grade 8?

Normally it should take 8 years. However if you are smarter than most people your age you may be able to skip. And vise-versa

Should grade 8 students have their own laptop?

some people yes and some people no.

Why shouldn't grade 8 students choose their own subjects?

I believe we should be choosing our subjects

What age are you in grade 8?

Most kids are around 13 to 14 in grade 8.

What is the right age to get your first boyfriend?

for school boyfriends,8-9,but for dating,10-11

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