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You may not know how to use this board, but you have asked this question several times before and it's been answered. If you go to "relationships" you'll find the answer to your question.

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Who is in Selena gomez's band?

I am pretty sure that it said on Youtube that in Selena Gomez's band it was her brothers.. But they could be wrong. Never no. Selena Gomez doesn't have brothers. She is the only child!

How can you force family to see reality about child abusers including a confessed child rapist in family?

well they should know it is wrong wrong wrong

Is it wrong to spend a lot of time with your girlfriend?

No, not at all! Girls like you more the more time you spend with them!

Is it wrong for a 14 year old to like her brothers friend?

No, your feelings can't be wrong

Who were Diana Ross's brothers and sisters?

Rachel and Jose are the names of Diana Ross's brothers and sisters. wrong wrong wrong! sisters: Barbara Lee Ross Margarita Ross Brothers: Fred Ross Jr Chico Ross T-Boy Ross (deceased)

Foster care income?

If you spend the money on the children in foster care, there is no income. It is meant to be spent like child support...... on the kids. If you get into foster care for the money then you are doing it for all the wrong reasons.

What is wrong when a child continually refuses her mom when she is with the nanny?

If you are the mother the child probably needs to spend more time with you. The child needs to identify and learn that you are the mother of the child. If the nanny is who the child spends most of her time with it is natural that she would be attached to the nanny. You might want to try spending time alone with your child and have a regular schedule for the nanny to be gone so that the child recognizes that, at the end of the day, mommy is the one who will always be there and is the parent.

Why is child abuse wrong?

Child abuse is wrong because children are meant to study and play but not to work. Many children are working because their parents are sending them to work , which is wrong.

Why child abuse is wrong?

Child abuse is wrong because it physiologically damages the child, meaning that it will affect the child's future and how they behave. But its mainly wrong because these children do have feelings, they know what pain is, just as much as adults do. Any abuse is wrong, and it destroys the person who is being abused.

Why is child labour wrong?

its wrong because children are suppose to study not work

What will happen if children are not punished when doing something wrong?

It depends on the child, if he/she is not punished/nothing is said about the "wrong" thing, the child will continue doing this.

Were any of john cena's brothers in the army?

j that is wrong

Is it wrong to abuse you child mentally?


What was the outcome when you make a wrong choice?

A child.

Why did they end child labor?

Because it was wrong

Is it wrong not to want a child with a disability?

yes it is.

What are some risks for being a pediatrician?

1. you can catch what the child has 2. you can accidentally stick yourself if you are giving a child a shoot and they move can give a child the wrong medicine 4. anything you do wrong really can hurt the child

Is it wrong for a parent to verbally abuse a child?

Yes, it is wrong for a parent to verbally abuse a child. If you or someone you know is doing this, please get professional help.

Why do Matt hardy look diffrent then Jeff hardy?

Because WWE is not real fighting. Its fake. So they try to entertain by saying Matt hardy and Jeff hardy are brothers. WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG If you look very at Matt closer you will see Jeff in him and to that idiot who answered this first they are real brothers!!! GOOGLE IT!

Is it wrong to glue your brothers eyelids closed?

Yes, wrong and dangerous. I think anyone would get a bit panicked with that.

What is the methodology of child abuse?

Many child abusers were abused themselves as children. They came to believe and accept that it was a normal thing to have happen because they believed that they had angered a parent or done something wrong. because they were abused as a child, the memories of their childhood return and they take their anger out on their child. Even if the child has done nothing wrong. Or, sometimes the child is unwanted. This is wrong to think of but, it is often true.

What type of life you spend in childhood?

During chidhood a person goes through their developmental stage. Where they have a better understanding of right and wrong. A child learns a lot of life's lessons during this period and can be carefree about it all.

Is it wrong to spray a child with a spray bottle of water when they are bad?

It depends. Is your child a cat?

Who are Brindleface's littermates?

Brothers: Dustpelt, Ravenpaw Half-brothers: Longtail Sister: Frostfur If I'm wrong, please correct me! :)

Is it wrong for a child to want their parents to divorce especially if their were raised in a religious home?

Feelings are never wrong, it is okay for the child to feel like he would rather his parents be divorced. What would be wrong is trying to cause the divorce. The child should see therapy for his feelings.