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If you are in the military can you remarry before the required waiting period has ended in the state in which the divorce was granted?


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No, the waiting period would apply to a person in the military and/or living out of the state where the divorce decree was granted.


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If you get a divorce in Wisconsin and then move to Ohio, you are not required to wait to remarry because of the divorce. However, you will have to wait to remarry if you do not meet the residency requirements.

No, you cannot remarry until the final decree has been granted and if applicable the waiting period in the state where the divorce was granted has expired.

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You Do Not Have to Wait to remarry in California. As soon as your Divorce Decree is Final, you can remarry.

There is no waiting period required, you may remarry as soon as the final divorce decree has been granted.ClarificationAn applicant for a marriage license who has been previously married must provide proof of the date their last marriage ended and must wait at least 30 days after their divorce is final before applying for a marriage license.

You may remarry as soon as your divorce is finalized. The court will issue an order stating that your divorce is final; only then can you remarry.

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In some states in the United States, there is an amount of time a couple must wait after a divorce is finalized. In New Mexico, there is no waiting time required to remarry.

The judge who gives you your divorce decides, as part of your divorce, how long you have to wait before you can remarry.

In all US states, the person wishing to marry must wait until the final divorce decree has been granted. In addition, several US states also have a required waiting period between the date a divorce is finalized and the date either party may remarry.

Yes, there is a waiting period in Georgia to remarry after a divorce is final. A couple needs to wait 31 days to remarry in the state.

If the marriage does not work you may want to remarry one day so yes. Most people are Catholics there though so you might not be granted divorce from the church.

There is no waiting period to remarry after a divorce in the state of Pennsylvania. Once the divorce decree is finally, a couple is able to marry immediately.

Filing for divorce has no bearing. Once the divorce decree is issued by the court, they can remarry immediately.

Maryland doesn't have a waiting period. Once the divorce is final you're free to remarry.

54% of white women divorce and remarry in 5 years.

Probably not, but in any event it would be stupid. Yes it is. You may marry immediately after you have been granted a divorce if you so wish

in Islam it is possible to a woman take divorce 3 times. but after 3 divorce it is not allowed to remarry. but if the woman marry to another man and then take divorce from him again can remarry with the first husband.

There's not a waiting period to remarry in TN, but when you apply for your marriage license you have to show a copy of the divorce decree.

the very second the divorce is final

As soon as the Decree Absolute has been issued, you are free to remarry.

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