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maybe search on "repossessors + (your state) + jobs) ????

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Q: If you are looking for a administration job with a repossession company how can you locate a repossessor?
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Answering this with common sense, contact the repossession company. You probably got some form of communication telling you your car was being repoed. Try looking at letters and look for contact information. You can also look through your local phone book to see which companies do repossession work in your area. You could also contact your original loan company because usually lienholders have contracts with repossession companies to repo their cars from people should they default on their loans.

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How do you become a repo man in Indiana?

Go to your local courthouse and check the laws regarding licensing and operations of a repo company. Comply, buy the tow truck and go into business.Or, check the phone book for repo companies in your area, hire on and learn the business and later, open a business of your own.Another good way to get into the repossession business is to go to a school. However BEWARE - most schools, classes, and courses you see advertised are actually Online or "Read-a-Book" type programs. I would suggest looking for a real repossession school taught in a real classroom by experienced repossession professionals. There are very few out there, but if you look hard enough you can find one.

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