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ULtimately, YOU are, although the "biological" father is also responsible if you can confirm paternity and wish to pursue in a court of law.

2006-07-27 17:50:21
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Q: If you are married and your husband is fixed and you get pregnant from a man who does not know you are married whos responsible for the baby?
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How do you get pregnant when husband is fixed?

You sleep with the mailman.

Can you still get pregnant if your husband is fixed?

If he has had a surgical procedure then yes, if you sleep with another man, you can.

If you are pregnant but your husbend is fixed?

Just be honest and tell him. And learn to spell husbandJust be honest and tell him. And learn to spell husband

Is it possible to get pregnant when you have an IUD and your husband had a vasectomy?

Yes it is possible I had iud and husband got fixed now I'm prego with twins.

Can a women get pregnant if her partner is fixed?

Yes, it can happen.It depends on the type of surgery performed. I have living proof that it can happen.My Husband had it done and I ended up with twins.

Can you still get pregnant if you've had a tubal ligation and your husband has been fixed also?

It's highly unlikely. Both procedures have less than a 2% failure rate.

Can a fixed dog get pregnant?

No, they cannot.

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Can female cat get pregnant when they fix?

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If your husband is fixed can he make babies?

Not unless he has the surgery reversed.

Can you get pregnant while using an oed and my husband is fixed?

The OED is the Oxford English Dictionary. Reading it non-stop may prevent pregnancy but its not recommended. But an IUD (intra-uterine device) is also pretty good at stopping pregnancy. It creates a hostile environment in your womb that prevents the sperm getting to your eggs. If your husband is 'fixed" then his sperm tubes have been broken. Sperm is produced inside him, but it cannot get out of him to make you pregnant. So, your womb is unfriendly to sperm, and his sperm are blocked from getting there anyway. The chances of you getting pregnant are thus very very very small.

Can a girl still get pregnant by a guy whose got fixed?

Not if he really was fixed, but some guys lie about that.

Can a woman get pregnant if she is fixed and the man is not?

If a woman is "fixed' then her fallopian tubes have been tied, or more correctly, have been both tied and cut. If this procedure as been carried out properly, which is true most of the time, then she cannot get pregnant with any man. It makes no difference if he is "fixed" or not "fixed".

What are the chanced of conceiving if your husband has been fixed for 3 years?


Can a woman have a baby if fixed?

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Can a woman get pregnant when the man and woman have fixed?

No; it would not be possible.

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Can you get someone pregnant if you've been fixed?

In EXTREMELY rare cases.

Can my girlfriend get pregnant if she got fixed?

It is a possibility but very rare that it does happen.