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no, you have to be there to show ID and sign paper work.

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Q: If you are married can your spouse open accounts in your name without your permission?
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Is it legal for a spouse to take out a loan electronically in the other spouse's name without his permission?


After you have been served by your spouse for divorce can you move to another state with your children like from IL to MS without permission if you know the spouse asked for joint custody?

Not without permission of the court.

Can you file taxes with your spouse even if you are not married?

Spouse = married. Can't have one without the other.

Can your spouse sell our home without the other spouse permission?

Not if it has both spouses on the deed. And in some states, even if the spouse is not on the deed, her permission has to be obtained, because she may have dower rights in the property.

Can you supenea all bank accounts of spouse for the last seven years without their permission to do so?

If a court was to subpoena them, yes. Your spouse or the bank would have to turn them over or be punished, probably by getting charged with obstruction or something similar. The judge doesn't need their permission to subpoena 'evidence'. I'm sure you would need to be proving you were in some way affected by all the accounts in the subpoena.

Can spouse obtain medical records that contain information prior to marriage?

If you give permission, your spouse can get medical records from before marriage. Without your written permission, your spouse can't legally obtain such records.

Can you be removed from heath insurance by spouse without your permission?

Yes, especially if your spouse pays towards the insurance benefits out of his/her check.

Is it illegal to use a spouse's debit card in Pennsylvania?

Without their permission, yes.

Can a spouse take a child out of state of Connecticut without the other parent's permission?


What can one do if you want a divorce but your spouse dont want one also we are not in the state where we got married?

Just file for divorce, you do not need your spouse's permission to get a divorce.

How do polygamist claimed to be married if it is not legal?

Many polygamists are legally married to their first spouse, and only religiously or 'spiritually' married to the other spouse, without a legal marriage liscence.

Can a spouse forge your signature without your permission on a check?

Yes If You have A Joint Bank Account i guess

Is it true that when you are a newly wed that one of you can't go overseas without permission from spouse?

no that is incorrect.

What can you do if your spouse applies for or uses a credit card in your name without permission?

If, your spouse uses your information without permission you should be able to receive a note about it. When you do receive the note speak with your wife nicely and then report to the location of your information holder and ask for it to be changed.

What is parent without a spouse?

A widow (woman) or widower (man) would be someone whose spouse had died after they were married.

Can a spouse put a credit card in both your names without your permission?

In most cases a card holding spouse can add the other as an "authorized user" without permission, however those types of cards are not liable for repayment of the balance, even on transactions preformed on their card. It is not legal for one spouse to add the other on any credit applications has a "co-signer" without that persons permission. However, the liability would not be in the hands of the credit card company, since if you are listed as a "co-signed" and claim you did not agree, sign-up or give you spouse permission, you risk your spouse being turned over to the States Attorneys office for consideration of Credit Card and Identify Fraud.

How do you prove you are married without marriage certificate?

Bring your spouse have them say that they are married to you, and show off the rings.

If you marry in a baptist church and you are Catholic is it a sin?

No, it is not a sin.If you are Catholic, it is assumed you will be married in a Catholic liturgy, but you can get permission to marry in another church if your spouse belongs to that church or for another good reason.Roman Catholic AnswerThat depends. If you have gotten married in a baptist church without permission, if you have gotten a civil marriage without dispensation, if you have married a non-Catholic without permission from your Bishop: then, yes, in all these cases, you would need to speak to a priest to straighten the situation out, and you would need to go to confession.

If you and your spouse have separate credit card accounts are you liable for your spouse's balance if he defaults?

The extent of liability depends on whether the married couple reside in a community property state and if so, if the accounts were established during the marriage. Married couples residing in community property states, other than Wisconsin and Texas are usually equally responsible for debts regardless of which spouse is the account holder.

Can you drop a spouse from a mortgage without their signature by refinancing?

You can refinance without the spouse but you will need their consent to do so. If the spouse is on the title of the home, the answer is "no". If the spouse is on the existing mortgage the answer is "no". If the spouse is not on title you need to indicate on the loan application that you are married, and if you don't is fraud. At the time of closing she/he would have to be present. Inform you spouse of your actions.

Can a spouse buy a car without the other spouses' permission in the State of Idaho?

YES you can buy what ever you like ...

How can a person tell if they are too controlling with their spouse?

You are probably too controlling if you do not allow your spouse to do anything without your permission, talk to her friends or family, or go through her emails or text messages.

Can in -laws move into your house without your permission?

Of course not! You can call the authorities and have them charged with trespassing. You need to make sure that someone else with a valid right didn't give them permission (such as your spouse!).

Can a spouse open your mail without your permission?

Yes. A married couple are considered 'one person' in the eyes of the Law. This is the reason a husband can't be forced to testify against his wife, and a wife can't be forced to testify against her husband.

Can one spouse keep the other spouse from seeing the child if they are not yet divorced?

No, not without a court order. Married parents have equal parental rights.No, not without a court order. Married parents have equal parental rights.No, not without a court order. Married parents have equal parental rights.No, not without a court order. Married parents have equal parental rights.