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You should get a quitclaim recorded by the ex-spouse if they are on the title. The mortgage in your name will still be payable. As far as I know, foreigners can have ownership in property in the US

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Can US citizen divorce an illegal immigrant who doesnt have green card.?

If you are married, you can apply for divorce.

Your husband is living with an illegal immigrant but she married somebody else to get permanent status what should you do?

If the immigrant married a US citizen, then that's a done deal and she is no longer illegal. It sounds like you need to take care of your own affairs, starting with divorce proceedings.

What happens if you get divorce while waiting for your immagration papers?

my son is married to an illegal imigrant they been married for 2 yrs and are getting a divorce they have one child what happens to the child

How do you divorce an illegal immigrant you married in the UK but never went to his country of origin to get a spouse visa to stay here?

get a lawyer involved..

How long do you have to stay married to a illegal immigrant?

Marriage is for life. It is illegal to marry an illegal immigrant to change their immigration status.

Can you get married to an illegal immigrant from Mexico in Colorado?

no,you can not

What happen to illegal aliens daughter if filed divorce with US citizen?

If an undocumented (illegal) immigrant is married to a U.S. citizen, then they are a U.S. citizen. So their divorce from another U.S. citizen won't affect the status of their child at all.

How do you report an illegal marriage to an immigrant your father married a woman from India not quite a year ago after she had just gotten a divorce from her previous illegal marriage which your fath?

Check with the US Immigration office.

Can an illegal immigrant get documents after marriage with a us citizen?

Yes, an illegal immigrant, in the US can get married to an American citizen and obtain their documents

Does an illegal immigrant married to a citizens US have to go back to his country to get his green card?

does an illegal immigrant married to a citizens us have to go back to his country to get green card

What happens to a married illegal immigrant who has baby with a man other than her husband in the US?

She becomes the proud parent of an illegitimate baby.

Can you marry a illegal immigrant from Bulgaria?

Yes, an illegal immigrant from Bulgaria can get married in the United States. An American can choose to marry whomever they want.

How do you get married to an illegal immigrant?

YOU DON'T (or move to the persons country)

If you get married to an illegal immigrant can they apply for citizenship?

yes but you have to do it for your spouse

Is it illegal to get married if you are not divorce?

Yes, it is illegal to get married if you are not divorced and that would make the person a bigamist.

Can an illegal immigrant divorcing a US citizen claim alimony?

No not an illegal immigrant but a legal one can. * If the couple were legally married the immigrant spouse can request spousal maintenance (alimony). Immigration issues are federal matters and have no bearing on domestic issues such as divorce. child custody/support which come under the jurisdiction of state not federal law.

Is a marriage considered legal if the person wanting to get married is an illegal immigrant?

yes it makes the immigrant a citizen

If your boyfriend and you want to get married and he is not a legal citizen can you still get married?

It is legal in the United States for an illegal immigrant to marry a US citizen. Once the marriage is legal, the illegal immigrant becomes a legal immigrant and can stay in the US for the course of the marriage.

You want to marry an illegal immigrant who is not divorced but her husband is in another country How do you marry her?

The illegal immigrant should go back to his or her home country and complete the divorce with his or her spouse. Then you should either get married in that country and apply for a spouse visa, or go visit that country and upon returning apply for a fiance visa and get married in the US after the fiance visa is granted.

Is there a law that says a us citizen married to an illegal immigrant for a year that the immigrant can then apply for green card?

No he cannot

If a U.S. married a illegal but was not aware before they married that this person was illegal and now seeking a divorce would you still need to divorce orwould the marriage be annuled once deported?

You need a divorce!

If you are a man who has married and illegal Mexican and had children what happens when you get divorced?

You're children are legal citizens, and your ex-spouse may apply for immigrant status.

Where can you find out if a divorced person got married again?

I married a immigrant and we are in the process of a divorce. We have been married 5 years. Is my spouse entitled to any thing? Will she be deported when the divorce is final?

Do you have to divorce your illegal spouse before you get re married?

If the 'illegal' marriage was registered then yes.

If I married a illegal immigrant in the us but she did not use her full name is it legal?

no way