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most loaland ask for a 30 day notice

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Q: If you are moving out of an apartment what is the minimal notice needed to give your landlord?
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Can your landlord enter your apartment when you are not home in Texas?

no notice is needed if there is an emergency for maintenance need. THE landlord may enter for any maintenance without tenant's approval after 24 hour notice.

How are tenant improvements administered?

If a landlord plans to make upgrades to a tenant's apartment, they will usually pay for the tenant to stay somewhere else, like a hotel. While the tenant is gone, their apartment will get new carpet, paint, or whatever else is needed to make it nicer.

What kind of credit is needed to rent an Apartment?

i lease apartment in florida and pay up. in colorado i can get apartment 570 credit score

Can a tenant ask for a list of repairs that need to be done to the apartment when they will be gone so they know when maintenance will be in the apartment while they are away?

It would be better if the tenant determine what repairs needed to be done, then left that with the landlord. If you are going away and you know there is repair work to be done on your apartment, there's really no telling when a maintenance person will arrive to perform such work, especially if you are away. In a few certain cases your maintenance person may be allowed to enter your apartment without you being there.

Can an apartment tenant refuse to pay rent if the apartment management is delinquent about making repairs to an air conditioning unit?

The specific rules about air-conditioning varies considerably from state to state, especially if the state is a northern state, which probably may not require the landlord to fix the air-conditioning, especially off-season. However, there is a general rule that if the landlord has furnished a working appliance, he must keep that appliance in good repair, as the use of it is included as part of your rent. Furthermore, you cannot just refuse to pay rent in order to get a landlord to make repairs. However, if the repair needed is essential for you to continue living in the apartment or dwelling, you have the right to, with proper notice - in most states at least seven days before the next rent is due - have someone repair the unit at your own expense, then provide the receipt from that repair and deduct it from your rent. Keep in mind, however, that the landlord could still begin eviction proceedings against you if you exercise this right. However, if the landlord does this and you can prove that the repair was done in good faith and that it was needed for your continued habitation, the court will find in your favor. If this happens you can sue the landlord for damages of up to three times of rent abatement.

MiniMoves in St. Louis, MO?

I recently moved into a 1-bedroom apartment downtown and needed help moving a few large pieces of furniture. All the bigger moving companies around were overpriced for the few items I had. Thank goodness I came across MiniMoves! They were the perfect moving company for my situation. They packed up my couch, bed, and dining table carefully and moved it into my new apartment in no time! These guys are good!

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How often the landlord should paint the apartment you rent?

I'm no lawyer but... The landlord's general duty is to make it habitable. Fresh paint isn't really needed for that, so don't expect the law to require him to refresh the paint while you're there. As a tenant, you have a general duty to maintain the property's condition so washing the walls is your job.

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What are the benefits of choosing an apartment based on income?

There are a few benefits over renting an apartment versus owning a home. Generally a down payment is needed for a home, a security deposit is needed to rent an apartment. You do not have to pay real estate taxes and you do not have to insure the dwelling, only the contents inside.

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How much is it to get a good apartment these days?

The cost to get a good apartment these days will vary. It will all depend on the size of the apartment needed and the area that it is in. Rents are not cheap these days and fair market rents are usually what the landlords go by.

Does a landlord have to have a reason to kick a tenant out?

Not really: a landlord can reclaim their property at the end of a lease-- no material reason needed-- or give notice to a month-to-month tenant (or week-to-week, if applicable).

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