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If you were driving the car, who would you think is responsible? Your mower threw a rock that broke an innocent driver's windshield. Of course you are responsible! Be a man, accept that responsibility, and fix the car!

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Joel's car has depreciated by 39 percent over the past few years How much is his car worth today if he originally bought it for 2568946

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If a person I hired is mowing my yard and the mower hits a rock that breaks a glass in my storm door is he liable?

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Q: If you are mowing your lawn and the mower hits a rock that breaks a window of a passing vehicle who is responsible for the damage?
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Who is responsible for damage to a vehicle during a repossession?

the person the vehicle was leased to is responsible as they are the ones that have caused the vehicle to need to be repossessed.

If your at fault in an accident there is no damage to your car but the others how much do you have to pay?

If you are at fault in an accident, You are responsible for any personal injuries and the reasonable cost of repair for for the damage to the other vehicle that you hit. The level of damage to your own vehicle does not mitigate the cost of the damage to the vehicle you hit. After all you still caused the damage and you are responsible for it.

Is AAA responsible for damage to car?

It would depend on the damage and how it occurred. If it happened while towing or trying to retrieve keys locked in the vehicle then they are not responsible.

Who is responsible for damage to a repossessed car?

The tow company is responsible for damage they did to the vehicle, if they claim they didn't do it you have to prove it and make a claim/sue them, otherwise you need to claim it on your insurance.

Who is responsible for vehicle damage caused by ambulance?

The insurance company of the vehicle found to be at fault in the collision. The fact an ambulance was involved in not important.

If you are forced off the road and your truck hits and breaks through the walls of a building is removing your truck from the building property damage liability or is it part of the physical damage?

That one could go both ways. If you have collision coverage on the vehicle, it could be covered as part of the tow expense. However, your liability coverage is responsible for repairing the claimant's building.....and that would include removing the vehicle from their building!

Are you responsible for the damage if you hit a passing car while playing golf?

Th golf course may be responsible if they do not have the proper barrier between the course and the street.

Parked vehicle damaged on private property who is responsible for damages?

The person who caused the damage.

Who is responsible when vehicle 1 is making a left and vehicle 2 driving too fast and comes close to vehicle 1 while mid turn and Vehicle 2 loses control and sustains property damage?

It's the driver in #2 who is responsible. He should have steered more safely.

In a one car accident who is responsible for damage to the vehicle if it was driven by someone other than the owner?

The primary insurance would be the policy that insures the vehicle.

Is a trucker responsible for damage resulting from a big rock or product that falls off the truck and injures or does damage to another vehicle or person?

The trucker or his insurance carrier is. Not only that, a trucker can and is responsible for the safety of the load he is carrying and can be criminally liable for injuries and damage caused by his negligence.

If you are driving personal vehicle for work purposes and had a car accident and you were at fault is the employer responsible for repair of damages to the vehicle?

No. If it was your own vehicle and you caused the accident then it is entirely your responsibility that the damage was caused and that you get it fixed.

If you own a vehicle that you are not using can you loan it to a friend for an extended period of time and let them carry the insurance?

As long as the vehicle is in YOUR name, YOU are ultimately responsible for any damage caused by the vehicle. If your friend has 20K ins. coverage and does 75 or 100K damage, you will be sued as well. good Luck

Does a homeowner association ever become responsible for vehicle damage?

Possibly. It would depend on the facts and the laws of your state.

If you hit an unattended cart and it rolls into a parked car who is responsible for the damage?

you are. you should have been paying attention. it doesn't matter if the other car was attended or not. you are responsible for you and your vehicle.

What happens if your car breaks down because you put petrol into your diesel car?

Gasoline in a Diesel vehicle will do some serious damage to the engine.

Is an insured driver on your policy responsible for damages that they have not repaired on your vehicle?

== == In the event that you got into a car accident and it was not your fault but the other driver's, if he is insured, his insurance company is liable to pay for the damages of your vehicle. On the other hand, if the other driver is not insured, your own insurance company, provided you have a policy regarding uninsured or underinsured drivers, will be responsible for the damages your vehicle has incurred. They however, may have a right of action against the person responsible for the accident. The person who caused the damage to your vehicle is ultimately responsible for the damage to your vehicle regardless of whether there is an applicable insurance coverage or not. Whether you actually have the repairs done is none of their business.

If an uninsured driver in Massachusetts hits a car in front of him and that car hits other cars in front of him is the uninsured driver responsible for the damage of all the cars in the accident?

An exact answer for this question is not possible without a lot more information, but I will try to give a partial answer in order to get this answer started. The actual and final answer will depend on Massachusetts LAW, AND investigative revelation of the true circumstances of the incident. Many years ago I was an auto insurance adjuster in Washington state, and have lived in Texas over 50 years. Based on my experiences, and related knowledge, the answer depends on who hit who when, and in what order. I will present some different situations which would result in different drivers being libel for damages to others. 1.)IF vehicle "A," which was "rear-ended" by the uninsured vehicle ["B"], was "knocked into" the vehicle ["C"] in front of "A," THEN vehicle "A" SHOULD NOT be libel for damage to vehicle "C." The driver of vehicle "B" SHOULD be found at fault for damage to both vehicles "A" and "C". 2.) However, IF vehicle "A" rear-ended vehicle "C," before being rear-ended by vehicle "B," THEN vehicle "A's" driver is responsible for damage to vehicle "C." 3.)However, assigning responsibility for damage really gets tough IF the investigation reveals that AFTER vehicle "A" rear-ended vehicle "C," vehicle "B" then rear-ended the vehicle "A"/vehicle "B" "stack." Theoretically, vehicle "A's" driver is only responsible to vehicle "C" for damage which vehicle "A" caused. And the driver of vehicle "B" SHOULD BE responsible for the damage caused to vehicle "A," and THE PORTION of additional damage to vehicle "C" which was actually caused by vehicle "B" "piling into" vehicles "B" AND "C." Whew!!!!! If this confuses you, don't feel like you are alone. That's why we have armies of investigators, insurance companies, attorneys, juries, and judges. Although I couldn't give you a more definitive answer, I hope this provides some understanding of the scale of the problem, and it's resolution.

A tree on my property line grows a branch that hangs over my neighbor's property breaks off during a heavy storm onto their property. Who is liable for the damage?

You are responsible, but your homeowner insurance should cover damage.

Can one vehicle be moved to get to the debtor vehicle in repossession?

This is one of those questions that the answer depends on who you talk to. As a repo agent I have tried to find the answer and it has been difficult. I believe the answer is yes, but if the repo agent damages the car he is moving then (of course) he is responsible, just like he would be responsible for damage caused to a vehicle he was repossessing.

If someone cuts in front of you hits their brakes and spins their car but there is no damage and no one is hurt are you responsible in any way?

Responsible for what? If there is no damage or injuries there is nothing to be responible for is there? Are you negligent , more than likely, but if no damage, no claim. Did you make contact with the other vehicle? please be more specific/detailed and I will be able to assist you more.

What does a fuse wire do?

a fuse wire melts when current passing through it exceeds a certain value as in overloading and short circuiting .this breaks the circuit prventing further current flow and damage ..

Do all owners of a vehicle in IL need to be insured if they do not drive the car?

Not if it's non op and never moved, but you are responsible for damage if it does.

The at fault driver hit my rear suburban tire No damage to my vehicle but the front of her car is What do I do?

Nothing, if she as at fault she is responsible to the damages of her car.

What damage will occur on a 1993 Honda accord if the timing belt breaks?

If the Vehicle was running when the belt broke then you probably bent some, if not all, the valves. If by chance you werent running it then you might be lucky and the belt is the worst of the damage.