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The age of majority in most states is 18, Alabama and Nebraska it is 19, and Mississippi and Pennsylvania it is 21. Some states have emancipation status contained in state law, most do not and are adjudicated on an individual basis. Contacting the clerk of the court in the country where you reside should get you the information required. Please be advised, if this is an issue of court ordered child a petition has to be made to the court to stop or modify the original support order. An emancipation decree does not automatically end child support obligations except when it pertains to specified circumstances.

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Q: If you are nineteen years old and you want to get emancipated and your father agrees to it how do you go about doing it?
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How do I move out if I'm a minor?

You have to get emancipated, but you might want to think hard before doing so. In order to get emancipated your parents have to sign off giving you permission. You have to get emancipated, but you might want to think hard before doing so. In order to get emancipated your parents have to sign off giving you permission.

Can a emancipated 17 year old female marry a 20 year old in the state of Louisiana?

Yes, if the 17 year old is emancipated then they are considered an adult. They can make their own decisions and get married if they want. Parents can not stop an emancipated child from doing anything, the court considered an emancipated child to be 18 years old.

Can a 17 yr old drop out of school move in with her boyfriend legally in Iowa father has joint custody and does not agree her mother has physical placement and allowing this what can father do?

He should file to have you emancipated, which the child herself should be doing, as she's wanting to be treated as an adult. She no longer has any need for financial support.

Can you obtain a restraining order against someone you have children with?

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Is a 16 yr old in Oregon automatically emancipated if she is pregnant If not how can she go about doing so?

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I am 16 and moved out of my moms house on my own. Can I sue my father for child support?

By the guidelines of the Young Person's Guide To Public Assistance Eligibility if you are living away from your parents and are not leaning on either of them for support than you may be able to get a case. If you have declared yourself an emancipated minor then there really is no hope for any type of case. But if you are doing this because your father has not paid the child support and you are doing this to get your money that he has owed you and your mother over the years then that is a whole different story.

Is underage dating legal when your emancipated?

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Can a person of 18 years old get emancipated in Michigan And if so How do you go about doing it Doing this to get Independent student status. To help with school I support myself.?

Unless the law in Michigan states differently, 18 is the age of emancipation (adulthood) in all jurisdictions that I am aware of. Upon turning 18 you ARE emancipated and can make "adult" decisions and assume 'adult' responsibilities.

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You could try to get emancipated.

Should a teen file for emancipation before or after they move out of their parent's house?

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