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You are probably not ovulating if you haven't had a period. But you ovulate before you have your period so you could start at anytime. If you second child is still really young or you are breast feeding, this could be the reason you haven't had a period yet. If your child is a few months old and you aren't breast feeding, talk to your doctor. They may be able to help you begin to ovulate and have periods. Not having a period isn't normally healthy. If you don't want anymore kids, don't use not having a period as Birth Control. It may not work.

When you say 'no longer' perhaps you are menopausal.

As hormones fluctuate so much around this time as a 'rule of thumb' if you are under 50 use contraception for 2 years after your last period, if you are 50 and over use contraception for one year after your last period.

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Q: If you are no longer having periods could you still be ovulating?
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You have having pains on both sides of your ovaries and it feels like you are going to get your period what does that mean?

If you are having them between periods, you could be ovulating. Some women can feel when they are ovulating so you might be one of them.

Do you ovulate if you don't have a period?

A woman has her period after ovulating, if the egg does not get fertilized. It is possible to ovulate more than once in between periods, and some girls can begin ovulating before their first period. So, it is *possible* to have ovulated and to not have had a period. When women's body weight drops too low, they stop having periods, and stop ovulating, to try to preserve the little body weight they have. However, no matter the reason for missing periods, you could ovulate at any time, and you wouldn't have the period until 2 weeks later, so you can't bank on not ovulating.

Pregnancy risk higher with irregular periods?

Yes because you don't know when you're ovulating. But you may also not be ovulating, so it could go either way.

Will having one day periods affect your chances of conception?

It may. Having a period for only one day could be a sign that you are not ovulating. Please see a reproductive endocrinologist. They would better be able to diagnose a infertility problem.

Had periods 2 weeks ago could you be pregnant even though did ovulation test says ovulating?

Having a period two weeks ago means most likely you were not pregnant at that time. Knowing that you are now ovulating, right on schedule is another strong indication that you are not pregnant.

It is useful in girls periods?

That depends what you mean but if a couple have sex and the woman is ovulating (on her period) she could become pregnant.

What if you don't have your period every month?

Not having periods every month could indicate a number of things. If you are a teenager, it could mean that your body is still starting to regulate itself. If you are over 40, you might be in peri-menopause, meaning that you are about ready to stop ovulating. Depending on the woman, peri-menopause can take several years. If you don't eat well, or you have an eating disorder, you might stop having periods. If you are sexually active and you stop having periods, it could mean you are pregnant unless you are starting peri-menopause or full-blown menopause.

If you are having a brownish spots can you be pregnancy?

Yes, although you could just be ovulating because many women spot when they are ovulating. If you miss your next period, take a test

What are signs a female is ovulating?

Before having kids I could not tell. But now I always have clear vaginal discharge and pain on the side of wich I am ovulating. But like I said I never could feel or see a difference before having going thru labor or birth.

What does it mean when there is clear mucus when you wipe?

That means you could be ovulating or could be ovulating soon.

What could be wrong if you haven't had your period for 6 months?

you could be pregnant Hello. You may not be ovulating or have PCOS or be suffering from severe irregular periods. See your doctor for blood tests and see a gynocologist.

Could a 10 or 11 year old get pregnant?

It was in the news a few weeks ago, A man raped a 10 year old girl and she is now pregnant If a ten or eleven year old is having her periods this means she is ovulating and can get pregnant. Womens bodies clean out their system once a month, and usually this is when the egg from ovulation is cleaned from the vaginal area. The period, of course also releases all the bad blood or bad chemicals that are in the body and this is how the period works. So if she is having her monthly periods then she is ovulating every month as well and can get pregnant.

Why have your periods suddenly got longer after fifteen years?

There could be several reasons why your periods have suddenly got longer after fifteen years. Hormonal changes, age, certain medication and stress are just a few reasons why this could happen.

What does it mean if you are having menstrual cramping but am not on your period?

It could mean that you are ovulating. It could mean that your period will come soon. Or it could indicate that there is a problem in your ovaries, most likely a cyst.

What if a girl have her periods thrice in a month?

If they were regular before this incident they should probably go to the doctor but if they are new to having periods it could just be they have irregular periods!

Can you have two days late for your periods but are having mild symptoms of getting your periods and also keep having dizzy spells could you be pregnancy?

yes you could be, but it depends on how old you are e-mail me ay

What term is used to designate the transition phase between regular mentraul periods and no periods at all?

This could mean menopause - this is the phase where a woman stops ovulating, and thus stopps menstruating - typically this occurs between ages 45-55.

Have missed 2 periods and having some mini hot flashes could this be the beginning of menopause?

If you missed 2 periods and have been having hot flashes, it could be a sign of menopause. It would be best to see your doctor if you are worried.

Could you be pregnant while on birth control and having normal periods but also having pregnancy symptoms?

Very unlikely

Could you be pregnant after having four normal periods and now you missed one?


Why am i not not having periods while on the pill?

Erm, the pill could not be working and you might be pregnant?

What happens if a woman's body if she does not ovulate and don't have periods?

There are two ways to look at this question... the first is WHY is she not having periods/ovulating? When a woman's weight drops too low then she will stop having periods/ovulating because she doesn't have enough body fat support the pregnancy. Also, historically if a woman is that thin it is because she is starving, and the body doesn't want to produce offspring during a time of little/no food since that will mean a larger drain on the females resources, thus she would die of starvation sooner. Now if someone is on a birth control that is keeping her from period/ovulating then that is another story entirely. Research has shown that there is no harm to women who take their birth control straight through without 'resting' and having a period. Although it would effect the balancing cycle of the body and would likely make it take longer to get pregnant when the woman went off of the birth control. Now, if a woman is over 16, and less than 40 years of age, not on birth control, and of a normal weight... if THAT woman has suddenly stopped having periods, then she needs to go to the doctor. Especially if it has been more than 4 months since the last period. There could be something wrong going on, and it would need to be checked out by a physician. Women who have had hysterectomies (sp?) do longer have periods or ovulate because they don't have the body parts to do so, nor have the chemicals being made in their bodies. They go into 'menopause' at that point. Women can go into 'early menopause' but usually it doesn't happen until after the age of 40 or 50 (varies).

Could you be pregnant if you feel a little bloated and have mild cramps but are not on your period or could you just be ovulating?

You could be ovulating or this could be pregnancy related. Ovulation discharge is usually a egg-white vaginal discharge. Purchase a ovulation predictor kit to see if you're currently ovulating at the moment.

You had intercourse the day before your ovulating day is it possible you could become pregnant?

Yes, safe period aren't safe only periods of varying probability. Out of couples relying on safe periods a full 19% gets pregnant during the first year.

Why am i getting period cramp in the middle of my break?

Could be your ovulating? I get it when I'm ovulating I know the signs because we are trying for a baby