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If you are not a good looking person how can you get to know people before they judge you on what they see?

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In my opinion, people that pass judgment on others without knowing them aren't usually the kind of people you want to know. OK, that being said, let me ask you a question. How do you know that people are judging you on what they see? If they tell you to your face that's one thing but if you just assume (maybe from passing judgment yourself?) without really knowing, maybe it's not true. The best way to know something is to go to the source. (If your worried about it, ask them) In other words, give people a chance. They might surprise you.

AnswerMaybe you think that you are not good looking, but they think that you are good looking. If people judge you before they get to know you, they are the ugly ones!


You got some excellent advice above. "I'm older with more insurance" so I can tell you that if ANYONE pre-judges you without getting to know you move on and be independent and true to yourself. This often happens in a person's teens when looks, the type of "cool people" you hang around with is important and name-brand clothing. It's tough for teens today, but, in each generation we all went through peer pressure. School lasts but the blink of an eye (although it may seem like a lifetime for many students having problems in the popularity arena) but hang on, and know these people are shallow and you'll probably never see them again once you leave school.

I agree that you could be assuming people don't like you. In wisdom each of us should learn that no matter how nice we can be not everyone is going to like us and we have to deal with this and move on.

Always remain true to yourself, but try to improve yourself as you grow. Everyone fits in somewhere in the circle of life.

2011-09-12 21:44:29
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Q: If you are not a good looking person how can you get to know people before they judge you on what they see?
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