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might be some legal issues there might want to check with a lawyer.

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Where is South Carolina State located?

South Carolina State is located in the state of South Carolina.

Can you get married in Pennsylvania or South Carolina when you are 17?

If you have parental consent you can get married in either state at 17.

What state is South of North Carolina?

South Carolina is south of North Carolina.

Is the colony South Carolina a state?

South Carolina is a state. and the colony isn't.

If you get married in south Carolina and live in Indiana where do you file for divorce?

You file for divorce in the state where you are a legal resident, regardless of where you were married.

When did South Carolina become a state?

South Carolina became a state on 23 May ColumbiaSouth Carolina became a state in May.

If married in South Carolina and now are getting a divorce in Georgia what state law do you go by?


What state is between Georgia and South Carolina?

There is no state between Georgia and South Carolina. South Carolina is between Georgia and North Carolina.

What is the state tree of South Carolina?

The state tree of South Carolina is the Palmetto tree.

What is the state soil of South Carolina?

The state soil of South Carolina is Lynchburg soil.

Who is South Carolina state bird?

South Carolina's state bird is the Carolina Wren.

What is the state song of South Carolina?

CAROLINA BYWritten by Henry TimrodComposed by Anne Custis BurgessThe state song of South Carolina is a song called Carolina. South Carolina is a state in the United States.

What state is just south of North Carolina?

south carolina

What state borders North Carolina to the south?

South Carolina

What state was Josh Turner born in?

Hannah, South CarolinaHannah, South CarolinaHannah, South CarolinaHannah, South CarolinaHannah, South CarolinaHannah, South Carolina

Which state is more populated South Carolina or South Dakota?

South Carolina

What s south of north Carolina?

The next state south is South Carolina.

Which state is farther north North Carolina or South Carolina?

The US State of North Carolina is farther north than South Carolina.

The state animal of South Carolina?

The state animal of South Carolina is the white-tailed deer.

When was South Carolina State House created?

South Carolina State House was created in 1907.

Which Southern state is North of South Carolina?

North Carolina is north of South Carolina

What are facts the South Carolina state bird?

The Carolina Wren was designated by south Carolina

Which state is to the north of South Carolina?

North Carolina is just above South Carolina.

What is the web address of the South Carolina State Museum in Columbia South Carolina?

The web address of the South Carolina State Museum is:

In the state of South Carolina who has legal custody of a child when it is born?

If married, both parents. If single, the mother