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If you are excercising, you are gaining muscle and may not lose a lot of weight, but will slim down. If you aren't excercising, then it could be for the basic same reason. Your body is getting rid of inches and some bad fat, but keeping onto good fat. A lot of times you lose inches before weight because your body will store fat because it's used to getting more fatty foods and isn't ready to get rid of it yet. If your clothes are fitting you better and you feel better, keep up the work, you will lose weight if you need to. If not, you will lose inches and feel great either way.

Because you are gaining muscle along with burning fat and muscle weighs more per volume. i lost 8lbs in about 3 weeks and then put on 12 over the course of 2 months, but i look better that i did when i started. it's all muscle.

Marvelous isn't it ! Muscle is great ! You are obviously gaining it and losing the fat ! Keep it up. A body with 12 percent body fat or less is such an invigorating thing for the whole system.

Muscle weighs more (per volume) than fat! If you are working out a lot, the chances are the scales are not showing much of a change due to this. Some people say you should throw your scales out when you start a diet, and instead take your measurements to see the difference. If your clothes are fitting better, then it's safe to assume you've lost fat and gained muscle.

When you first start resistance training, your muscles will retain some water, which shows up on the scale. It's just temporary, though.

When you start working out you won't necessarily start dropping weight. You will actually drop off fats from problem areas but as you are stressing your muscles out, you will start adding little muscles here and there. So your weight scale may necessarily not go down but your clothes will fit better.

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Anand Vijayakumar has provided a great answer. It doesn't get much better than that, I just want to add one thing. People are obsessed with a number on a scale. The number does not matter as Anand just proved. Everybody stares at the scale and gets upset and quits. Toss the scale out the window and use the mirror from now on. The number does not matter.

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Q: If you are on a diet and your clothes are starting to fit better why wouldn't the scales show much difference?
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