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Probably not. If the test says you are pregnant, you probably are. You should see a doctor for an exam or blood test. Or wait a week and take another test.

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Q: If you are on birth control stop and then take a pregnancy test could the hormones from the pill affect the results?
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During pregnancy a number of hormones are produced When and where are these hormones made and how do the amounts of these hormones affect the progress of pregnancy up to childbirth?

It does not a fect a child it is a emiton that you just get

Does semen affect pregnancy results?

Semen causes pregnancy...

Soma can it affect periods or pregnancy test results?


Can gallstones give you a false negative pregnancy test?

The gallbladder has no effect on hormones of pregnancy. Gallstones will not affect a pregnancy test.

Will taking antidepressants affect pregnancy test results?


Can you urine infection affect pregnancy test results?


Can red bull affect pregnancy results?


Will water on a pregnancy test affect the results?

No. only large amount of water will affect the result of pregnancy test.

Can you take a pregnancy test during your period if you think that you might be pregnant or will this give false results and affect the level of HCG hormones?

no, it will not give false results ~pawsalmighty but if you are having a period it is extremely unlikely that you are pregnant. "englishangel"

Does chlamydia affect the accuracy of a pregnancy test?

No, a pregnancy test is determined by hormones that are not affected by an infection. A false pregnancy will not occur from chlamydial infection.

Why did your hair color turn out different now that you are pregnant?

Many different things can affect hair color results, from medication to multi vitamins to pregnancy hormones. Therefore, the hormones that your body is now producing while pregnant has affected your hair color and will probably not turn out the way it did prior to your pregnancy.

Will caffeine affect a pregnancy test?

Caffeine itself will not alter the results of a pregnancy test. However, caffeine is a diuretic, which can dilute the urine. This may make it more difficult for a urine-dependent pregnancy test to detect the pregnancy hormones. For the most accurate results, perform a pregnancy test when you first urinate in the morning. Your urine will be most concentrated at that point in the day and the test will be more accurate.

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