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If your employer forces employees to work in a light duty status when injured on duty then they also have to offer light duty work to employees with non-work related injuries. If the employer refuses to do this the employee will be able to collect unemployment compensation.

Q. What happens if an employee disagrees with the insurance company on a workers' compensation claim denial?

A. The employee may request assistance from an Information and Assistance Officer who will attempt to help resolve the dispute informally. If that effort fails, the employee can file an application for adjudication with the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board, (WCAB). The Information and Assistance Officer may be able to assist with this filing unless the injured worker has retained a private attorney. The WCAB has exclusive jurisdiction for resolution of the dispute.

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Q: If you are on full disability and you need pain medication can workmans comp make you drive two hours to work to find light duty?
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