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If you missed seven days of your pill, and you had some bleeding, your next period may not be a normal period. It may not come at the regular time, and it might not be normal amount of bleeding.


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Yes,you can still get pregnant on your period,although the chances may be lower than if you were

If you are on the pill you take your whole packet then break for seven days. within this seven days you then come on your period, after seven days you start the next pack regardless of whether you are still on your period, (By the time you need to start your next packet your usually still on your period anyway although this varies for different women) Hope this has answered your question

Yes you can still have your period when you are pregnant. It is most common during your first pregnancy.

Not having your period but spotting is int unusual during pregnancy.

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If you have sex during your period, there will be no side effects. However, you can still get pregnant if you have sex while on your period.

you can still have your period during pregnancy but it does not usually seem to be normal when you are pregnant mosly irregular

Nothing it can still be part of your period. I had this happen all the time.

Yes you can have bleeding but it wont technically be your period

Yes, you can still get sexual pleasure during your period. Now it could get a little "messy" but as long as you and your partner are cool with it then its all good.

My Husband and I are trying to conceive. Seven days ago we began trying. Now, seven days later it is like I started my period. I was really excited,could I still be pregnant?

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Absolutely some women still have there period during pregnancy

Yes you can still have your period during the first month of pregnancy if it is just spotting. If it is a normal period your most likely not pregnant. you can also have something called vaginal bleeding during pregnancy because the placenta has not had a chance to set and this is commonly mistaken for a period by most women.

Yes you can, you can still have a test when you're on your period and it doesn't matter the colour of your period

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its quite unlikley but its still posible, if the egg/s are still in the falopian tubes they will still get fertilisedd .x

Yes you can, and it should still be accurate.

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Yes, you can start NuvaRing during your period. If you do start within the first fives days of your period, you have immediate protection. You can still use pads or tampons according to your preference.

Because hormones are still up during this time.

It is possible for a woman to get pregnant during her period if she is not using a form of protection.

yes, you can actually have a normal period every month during your pregnancy

Yes, it is possible not to ovulate. Often you'll still get your period though because the lining of the uterus still has to break down

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