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In most cases, even a felony conviction will not necessarily prevent you from getting a job. However, it sounds like your mind is in the right train of thought to get the background check prepared before the charges are. Be honest with your employer-to-be about your situation so when any blemishes arrise in your background check, there are no surprises. Good luck!

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Charged for a felony arrest but not convicted?

If you have not been convicted, you are NOT a felon.

What if you were charged with a felony but convicted of a misdemenor how would you answer the question on a job application Have you ever been convicted of a felony?

if there are no other cases, then NO

Can a person who has been charged with a felony but not convicted be executor of and estate in NC?

Yes, a person who has been charged with a felony but not convicted of the crime can be the executor of an estate depending where that person is in the legal process. A person who has been charged with a felony is considered innocent until proven guilty.

Does 24 hour fitness do felony background checks?


Can you own a weapon if you were arrested for possession of a controlled substance 14 years ago?

If you were charged and convicted of a Misdemeanor offense, yes. If you were charged and convicted of a Felony, no.

Your son was charged with a felony at 14 years old will it go away when he turns 18?

If he is only charged with a felony it won't follow him. If he is convicted on a felony it will stay on his record unless he has it expunged.

Can you join the Army if you were charge with a felony and it was dismmised?

If you were charged with the felony but not adjudicated (convicted or acquited), then you do not have a felony record. With no felony on your record, the dismissed charge will not impede your recruitment.

Can you buy a gun if you were charged with a felony but got it reduced to a misdemeanor?

Yes you can. The prohibiton applies only if you were actually CONVICTED of a felony.

Do misdemeanors show up on felony background checks?

Depends on how bad the misdemeanor is...

Can you still own your guns if you are charged with a nonviolent but not convicted of felony in Florida?

You would be a "prohibited person" if you were under indictment or convicted of a felony. That is Federal law, and applies to all states. If you were charged, and found not guilty or the charge was dismissed, then you are not a "prohibited person".

Will a felony always show up on a background check after thirty years?

Yes if you were convicted it will

If you were convicted of a felony 7 years ago and are now looking for an apartment to rent will background checks go back that far and if not is it better to answer no to the felony question?

If you did your time you paid your debt. Tell the truth. Many towns and cities have ordinances that allow landlords to refuse to rent to convicted felons. However, you can be evicted if you lie and it is found out.

When you were charged with possession of marijuana you were charged with a misdemeanor now your background check says you have a felony conviction for this offense why?

It IS possible that it is a clerical error. Go to the court in which you were convicted. At the Clerk of Court's office and ask to see your court file. The final disposition of your case (felony or misdemeanor) will appear there. If you find that the background record is incorrect, ask the personnel at that office how to go about getting it corrected.

Can you lose your nursing license if charged with a felony?

I believe that CONVICTED of a felony will lose you your license in most(all?) states. However, just being charged with a felony may prompt your employer to look at your employment very hard.

Is a person still considered a convicted felon even if the case was dismissed?

If a person is charged with a felony but not convicted, (case dismissed) this person is not a felon unless this person has a prior felony conviction. LS

Carry gun in Florida with felony?

Then get ready to be charged and convicted of another felony. Felon in possession of a firearm is a felony under federal law, and does not vary between states.

Can you work in the health field with a felony?

As long as the company doesn't perform a background check, you can work anywhere with a felony. You will find out while filling out an application if the company does background checks.

Can a state convicted felon in possession of a firearm be federally charged?

Yes, any person who has been convicted of felony or is on parole is forbidden to be in possession of a firearm and could be federally charged if the authorities find out.

What happens if you were charged with a felony but not convicted?

If you were found not guilty or the charges were dismissed the record of the arrest and the original charges will show on a background check. In a situation like this you should appy to the court to have the record seale/expunged.

Illinois laws on felony records on background checks?

Your criminal history is a public record and is viewable by anybody who wishes to to do a background check on you.

How long is the statute of limitations for a felony drug conviction in NM?

There is no statute of limitations on a felony drug conviction. You were charged and convicted. It is a part of your record forever.

Can you buy a gun in Texas if charged but not convicted of a felony?

Like most legal matters, that all depends. A person that is under indictment for a felony (charged, waiting for trial) may NOT purchase a firearm. However, if you were charged but not convicted, trial is over, etc, that should NOT be a bar to purchase. You will need a lawyer for a current, legal and correct answer.

How long for a felony to show on a background check in California?

A felony is going to be forever. Convicted criminals remain for life unless the court expunges their record.

Can someone charged with a felony not convicted leave the country?

People charged with felonies and awaiting trial are usually either incarcerated (in which case they're not going anywhere) or out on bail (in which case the terms of their release on bail, including restrictions on travel, will be set for them specifically). People charged with a felony and "not convicted" in the sense "the trial is over and they weren't convicted" can go anywhere they like, because they were found not guilty.

Can you own a gun in virginia if charged but not convicted of a felony?

Convictions- or a charge pending trial- is a disqualifier. Charged, but charge dropped or found not guilty- NOT a disqualifier.