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If you were legally parked, the person backing up is At Fault. If you were in a "No Parking" area, you are at fault.

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Q: If you are parked at a curb in front of a house and a car across the street backs out of his drive way and hits your front left drivers side who is at fault?
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Who's at fault when a car is parked - another goes around and the parked car - the parked car is put into reverse - and then backs into the moving vehicle?

The person who is backing out

Whose fault is it if a car backs outs of a parking space and hits a parked car?

The person who drove their car into the parked car.

Who is at fault when a car backs into a parked car and the parked car rolls into another parked car?

Come on, you know the answer to this. The person driving the car that caused the damage to the two parked cars is responsible for all damage. Who else would be at fault? Accept responsibility for your actions.

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Who is at fault if a driver backs into a parked car that is parked past a no parking sign?

Some people incorrectly believe: "It is the parked car driver that is at fault because the car was parked past the sign." However, a parked car does not have the ability to see and avoid other cars; the drivers of the other cars are responsible for trying to avoid hitting any object that may be standing in the way, regardless of how it got there or whether it happens to be there legally. Could I legally crash into a parked car simply because it's time ran out on the parking meter? Parking laws rarely have anything to do with liability to other drivers who crash into each other. On the other hand, if the illegally parked car was violating a view to a intersection approach, and two OTHER cars collide "because of it", then the parking law COULD apply and may serve to apportion fault to the driver of the parked car who created the specific hazard against which the sign was posted, but most of the blame is on the other drivers who failed to exercise caution while driving. It still doesn't give someone the roght to drive into it.

In the state of MA who is at fault if a driver backs into an illegally parked car?

The driver of the backing vehicle. The fact that the car was parked illegally is irrelevant. The onus is always on the driver of a moving vehicle to ensure the way is clear before backing up.

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If an uninsured driver backs into a parked car that was backed in making it less visible to the driver on private property and the driver nor it's passengers could see the car what happens?

You hit a parked vehicle. No matter how or where it was parked, you are responsible for the damages. If you hit the car, you could have seen the car if you had been looking. You have no insurance which is a violation of the law. Pay the owner of the car you hit and accept responsibility for your poor driving, and stop trying to blame this on how the vehicle you hit was parked. It is your fault plain and simple.

Who is at fault if a person backs out of a driveway and hits a parked car in the road and that care is partially blocking he drive way and facing the wrong directions of the traffic flow?

The person who is backing out of the driveway is completely at fault. Even if the other party was illegally parked, the driver of the other vehicle has the responsibility to look behind them for clearance.

If a parked car backs out and hits you as you're driving past- in a parking lot- who is at fault?

This can go either way, most often it is the person who was backing out that is at fault. witnesses would be great to prove this is what happened.

Who is at fault if a parked car backs out and hits you as you're driving past?

It is the fault of the person backing out. You have the right-of-way if you are driving in a usual and safe manor. The person who hit you should be cited for "backing without caution".

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