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Some will, but probably not as much as you would like. You would have to get your total body fat to a very low level before your boobs would shrink a lot.

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What is the proper medical definition for large breast?

Megalomastia is a medical term meaning abnormally large breasts. Hypermastia may also mean large breasts, or may mean more than two breasts.

Wht does having large breasts cause back pain?

Because of the weight, if they are very large your body over corrects for your standing posture which strains the muscles in your back. Back exercises may help you with your problem. Also make sure you have a good supporting foundation bra which distributes the weight of your breasts more evenly.

Can a man grow large breasts?

yes there were men that do have large breasts specially obese men. men's breast are also called "man boobs".

How do girls get such a large breasts?

Depends on your background. If their mother has large breasts they will most likely to. Also some girls mature more early others are more late.

Will a woman's breasts get bigger if man sucks on them?

No, the body produces estrogen that makes breasts grow in teen years. Pregnancy and weight gain also makes the breasts bigger in adulthood.

If your breasts are to big what do you do?

If your breasts are over-large, they can put an unnatural strain on your back muscles, leading to back aches. There is a surgery called, "breast-reduction" that you should talk to your doctor about. Losing fat weight from your body will also most likely decrease breast size some.

How can you tell if a dog has had pups?

Yes, if she has rather large breasts a vet will also be able to tell you

Why are your breasts not as large as the other women in your family?

If you are young, they might not be fully developed yet. They could still grow. If others in your family are heavier or overweight, their breasts would be larger, especially if you are thin or weight less than they do. (Breasts are mostly fat.) It could just be that the genetics weren't enough to gaurentee that you also grew a larger sized chest.

How do you get a flat chest?

A flat chest may be the result of a woman who did not develop large breasts in puberty. This may also be a result of having breasts removed from cancer or surgery.

Will you loose your breast size from weight lifting or bodybuilding?

Yes. Lori Braun of knows this to be a fact. Your breasts are mostly made up of fatty tissue. As you weight train, you loose body fat, therefore, you loose breast size. Staying lean, healthy and in shape is much more important then having large breasts. It is also very sexy to be muscular and tight.

How large can a male breast get?

I've been taking a testosterone blocker for a prostate condition. I then started taking estrogen also. I've developed large, very protruding breasts which are currently almost a D cup and still growing. And I'm of average weight, not fat.

Are your daughters breasts too big?

It depends mostly on the size of the breasts in relation to the size (height and weight) that she is. Also, age and body type factor in a little bit, too.

How do you lose breast weight?

Spot reduction of fats is not possible. But still if you aim at losing fat and weight all over your body you will eventually lose weight from your breasts also. But fat loss from breasts will be slow as women need fat in their breast cavity for being a healthy women

What should you do to reduce your breast?

The breasts are mostly composed of fat so losing weight will generally help. You can also try different garments to decrease the discomfort. The only other method of true breast reduction is surgery. If the large breasts are causing symptoms, such as upper back pain, this often will be covered by insurance.

Why do some women have huge cup sizes?

It's genetics that decides the size of our breasts, noses, penises etc. Breasts can also remain some of the size they got when the woman was pregnant. Gaining weight can also make them bigger.

How long does it take for a man on estrogen to get breasts?

Esterogen and testosterone blockers can cause males to grow breasts at a rate of (not surprisingly) the same time it takes women. Which can vary extremely widely.Also, almost all men have breasts. The question is, how large?

Can a male grow large breasts by taking estrogen?

Yes a male can grow breasts by taking estrogen, but to do this you have to be under a doctor's care because the estrogen will also change other things as well.

Where do you gain weight when you are pregnant?

Stomach, arms, thighs, face and breasts. If you're pregnant with a boy or girl can also be a determinig factor.

When do your breast grow?

Your breasts will grow the most during puberty, between about 9 and 16 years old. They will also become larger if you have given birth and are nursing. If you suddenly gain a lot of extra weight, your breasts will also become a bit bigger, but so will the rest of you!

What is the largest real breasts recorded?

Norma Stitz. She's size 102 ZZZ ..8ft 6in round the chest & each boob weighs 3st. Not an easy question to answer? Why because a woman's weight, height and cup size all effect how her breasts are evaluated. There are several to me, Norma Stitz is layed claim but it depends, she carries so much weight its hard to give her the title. Karola on Silicone Free site is very large even though she carries a lot of weight. There is a women out of Italy who is very large. But to me the Dominican women is the top dog, her name is Miostatis or something of that nature, giant breasts, thin, good looking. I also like Susie Sparks, giant breasts and huge areola. I personally like darker huge areola, it adds to the breast look to me.

Can being on birth control help a young woman grow larger breasts?

Not on purpose. It has been known to cause women to gain weight which in turn would also make your breasts larger, nothing to extensive though.

My breasts were fine but they stopped growing when they only just started what do i do?

The size of your breasts are determined by DNA. When you gain weight all you are adding is fat to your breasts and this has been shown to be a contributing factor in some breast cancers. Your breasts will change when you become pregnant. There is nothing you can do, except surgery, to change the size of your breasts. Some breast exercises will firm them, but not add to size. Get a good bra that also helps.

How can one have a breast reduction without surgery?

There are two ways that have shown to reduce breast size without having surgery. If you want to decrease the size of your breasts, you can try losing weight. Typically, the first place you lose weight from is your breasts. It has also been found that breast size can decrease from breastfeeding.

What do f cup breasts weigh?

My Girlfriends are F but weight can also change with the band aswell, id say theyre about 2kg ea on average

Do weight cause gallstones?

People who are overweight, or who lose a large amount of weight quickly are also at greater risk for developing gallstones

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