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Q: If you are pregnant and a guys sperm gets inside of you does it all come out?
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If sperm gets inside the butt or the throat can you still become pregnant?

Sperm has to come in contact with your vagina to get pregnant.

How much sperm do you have to drink to get pregnant?

It doesn't matter how much you drink, you can't get pregnant unless the sperm gets inside your vagina.

Does a girl gets pregnant if she gets by 3 guys?

If any number of them manage to get sperm inside her, there is a chance, yes.

Can you get pregnant alone if you pop your cherry?

No, you can't get pregnant alone by popping your cherry. The only way for you to get pregnant is if a Sperm enters and gets inside of your Eggs.

Can you get pregnant if a girl gets sperm on her legs?

No you can not get pregnant.

If a girl swallowthe sperm of a guy will she get pregnant?

No. A girl gets pregnant from sperm in her vagina.

Can a passive gay make a girl pregnant?

Whether you are a gay, straight or bisexual male you can get a woman pregnant if you ejaculate inside her or she gets your sperm inside her any other way.

What are the steps to getting pregnant?

the steps to getting pregnant are 1. find a cute guy 2.have sex with him 3.make sure his sperm gets into your vagina the basic of getting pregnant is basicaly sperm inside of u!

Can you get pregnant by getting fingured?

no you cant a sperm is what gets you pregnant

Can you hump a pillow and get pregnant?

NO! you can only get pregnant if a egg gets fertalized by a sperm.

If sprem gets on your tampon string can you become pregnant?

No, you cannot get pregnant from sperm on a tampon string. Sperm needs to go inside your vagina, on the string there is no medium through which the sperm can swim up into the vagina. You can be at risk of STI's/STD's though.

Can a girl be pregnant by only semen not the sperm?

No, semen is just the transporter fluid, it's the sperm that gets you pregnant.

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