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If you are pregnant and only 16 and you move out on your own will Childrens Aid take the baby?

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They will only if you can't cloth, feed,take care of the baby, or your on drugs. If they see that you are making effort to do all of the above and your trying to help yourself and the baby then they won't take it away. Just be there for the baby and make it number one in your life because now your a mother and your baby needs you.

No, they can't take the child off you if you haven't done anything wrong and are looking after your child properly, such as feeding, bathing, making sure he/she has clean clothes on their back etc. But, before you decide to move out, make sure you're financially prepared! You have now not only have yourself to look after but a baby growing inside you. Once bub is born to, it can become very damanding for little things like baby whips, nappies, new clothes, baby food etc. On top of rent, electricity, groceries, it can become very expensive.

2015-07-16 19:32:02
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