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Ok first things first,what in the world are you doing under the age of 18 and pregnant and second if they cant have children then I guess no but if it is ok with their parents then yes.

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How do parents pamper their children?

why parents pamper their child

Why was the beaumont children's case infamous?

It was infamous because it was the first highly reported case of child abduction/disappearance in Australia. Before the incident parents were quite happy with their children going out alone, feeling that they were safe. The disappearance of the Beaumont children gave parents a new fear when letting their children out, no longer would they feel safe letting their kids go out by themselves.

How many people fall pregnant of child abuse?

people don't fall pregnant by child abuse. Child abuse is where they hurt their or a child (children). You can get pregnant by being raped!

How much do parents influence their children?

Parents are the biggest influence on a child. The parent that the child is with the most, the child will act like them the most. When a parent does something mean or rude or they cuss then the child thinks its okay to do that, which its not. The child is with there parents the most, therefore the parents have a huge influence on their children

When should parent start making their children brush and floss?

Parents should play a game with their children (children love to immulate their parents) by letting them floss when they have their first teeth in (the parent should watch so the child doesn't cut their gums) even when some front teeth are falling out.

Do your parents have to feed their children?

Yes, parents are required to feed their children. It is considered child abuse to starve your children.

What action should be taken when parents don't send children to school?

Where I live the police would be coming after the parents if it's pure laziness. If the child is bullied etc there would be a investigation since the schools are legally obligated to sort these things out and offer the student a education. I know some parents think that "school never did anything for me" but that is no excuse to not letting your children get a education. In the end parents are responsible for their children so sue them for child negligence.

Can you stop paying child support if she becomes pregnant?

No, your child will not be emancipated because she is pregnant and her parents still have to support her until she is.

Outside child care robs children of bonding with their parents and is neglectful.?

Outside child care robs children of bonding with their parents and is neglectful.

Can parents be charged for letting minor child date 18 year old?

No if the parents give consent it is perfectly Legal.

What negative affects do parents have on children?

Parents can be very aggressive to their child. That is one reason children dont listen to their parents.

Can an adopted child be disowned?

Children are usually disowned by their parents after the child does something against the parents wishes. Whether the child was adopted has no affect on if the parents disown them or not.

Can child sims get pregnant on The Sims 2?

OF COURSE NOT! can real life children get pregnant???

Is 240 divisible by 5?

Your parents should not be letting their 8 year old child on this site.

How many parents actually have children?

that don't make many PARENTS actually have kids?um,all of them duh? Answer: This is a matter of semantics. A parent a is a person who is in charge of the raising of a child. A parent is also the (female) person who physically grows the child in her body - generally called the birth parent. A parent is also the other partner who contributes the genetic material to the child (egg or sperm) either through direct action or donation (genetic parent). Therefore: * All parents (child raisers) have children * Many parents are both birth parents and child raisers and have children * Some parents are birth parents (have children) but not child raisers (children given to adoption) and have no children (to raise)* Some parents are birth parents but have no genetic tie to the children and do not participate on raising the children (surrogate mothers) * Some parents are genetic material donors (egg and sperm donors) but never participate in the child raising

How do you let go of a child who is being turned against you by your ex-wife?

Don't let go and PLEASE don't give up! Time will tell. The child will eventually see for his/herself. Just be there for your child no matter what. Children love both parents unconditionally as parents do the child. Divorce is hard on children and well as the parents,you maybe letting go of your ex spouse but not your child. Both parents have the responsibility to raise this child without the child feeling they have to pick one parent over the other. This causes undo stress on them as they feel they must keep each parent happy at all cost.

What are parents called who have had a child die Spouses are widows widowers children are orphans what are parents who have lost a child?


Do children pick their parents in the bible?

No! God chooses the parents for every Child!

Can a plus and a- parents have a o positive child?

NO...they can not...a+ & a- parents can only have a children...

Why do parents send their children to do child labor?

Parents wants money for their family

How does a child feel when parents bring in former marriage children?

it depends on the child.

Who is your closest blood relative?

Your child if you have children. If you have no children, then it's your parent. If there are no children or parents, then its your siblings.

What was one reason parents accepted child labor?

The reason parents accepted child labor was that their children had worked in a farm .

Can a child get baptized in a Catholic church if the parents are separated?

Yes, a child can be baptized if his parents are separated, even if they are divorced. Children are not penalized for the mistakes of their parents.

What are the duties of parents who bring their child for baptism?

To raise their children Christian. ---- A Catholic answerFor Catholic parents, to raise their children Catholic.