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I think it would only affect the baby if you were the one using steroids. Discuss this with your doctor.

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Q: If you are pregnant and you find out that the father was injecting steroids will it affect the baby?
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Can a father pass on steroid to pregnant wife?

If you are asking are steroids contagious NO

Is it possible for a baby to be born with a disability if its father takes steroids?

People tend to believe that the health of the father plays little part in harm to a fertilized egg. That is not true. If the father is a drug abuser (steroids count) or and alcoholic it can affect the fertilized egg just as genetics can cause a problem. It is important you tell your obstetrician about your concerns.

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Yes. Use of steroids is illegal and may place the child at risk. The father could be deemed an unfit parent if the drug use is brought to the court's attention.

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