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You should carry on taking folic acid through the first trimester, along with iron and calcium throughout the pregnancy.

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Q: If you are pregnant are prenatal vitamins required?
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Can prenatal vitamins make your breasts grow?

Prenatal vitamins are for pregnant women. Sometimes when women are pregnant their bodies go through changes that include your breasts getting bigger. It actually has nothing to do with the prenatal vitamins.

Do they make gummy prenatal vitamins?

They make chewy prenatal vitamins but not gummy ones. Prenatal vitamins shouldn't be taken by children, just pregnant women. They have more vitamins than normal.

I just started taking prenatal vitamins and I didn't ovulate is this normal?

You might be pregnant... Prenatal vitamins do not affect ovulation.

Do prenatal vitamins keep you from having a period if you are not pregnant?


What kind of pills do you use if your pregnant?

prenatal vitamins

Are prenatal vitamins good for you when trying to get pregnant?


How long does it take after taking prenatal vitamins to get pregnant?

You only take Prenatal Vitamins during your pregnancy to help with the babies growth and development. They don't help you to get pregnant.

Do prenatal vitamins help breast growth?

I'm not pregnant and in my case, yes, the prenatal vitamins did make my breasts grow larger.

Is prenatal complete right to take before getting pregnant?

You can take any kind of prenatal vitamin before you get pregnant. If you can't take the prenatal vitamins, try Flintstone vitamins. Doctors recommend this all the time.

I started taking spring valley's gummy prenatal vitamins i heard it help hair and nail growthwhen taking prenatal vitamins and youre not pregnant can it throw off your cycle and make it irregular?

Prenatal vitamins such as Spring Valley's gummy prenatal vitamins can be used to help hair and nail growth. It does not throw your cycle and make it irregular if you happen to not be pregnant. In fact many gynecologists actually prefer if you take prenatal vitamins before you become pregnant in order to prepare your body for pregnancy.

What if you take geritol and prenatal vitamins while your tubes is tied and missed your period?

Can Geritol and prenatal vitamins help you become pregnant with tubes tied

Can you get pregnant if you take prenatal vitamins after stopping depo provera?

You can get pregnant after stopping Depo Provera. Prenatal vitamins don't increase the risk of pregnancy, they just increase the odds of a healthy pregnancy.

Is nature made prenatal vitamins good choice while preganan?

Yes, Nature Made prenatal vitamins are a good choice to take while pregnant. Always consult your doctor before taking any vitamins while pregnant.

Are chances higher for getting pregnant while taking prenatal vitamins?


If you have no tubes can taking prenatal vitamins assist in getting pregnant?

No, its not possible.

What if your tubes are tied and you take prenatal vitamins will it help you to get pregnant?

No impossible

How effective are gummy prenatal vitamins compared to regular prenatal vitamins?

Gummy prenatal vitamins are just as effective as regular prenatal vitamins. They have the same vitamins and beneficial factor as a regular prenatal vitamin. Gummy prenatal vitamins are a good alternative because some regular prenatal vitamins may cause constipation.

How long do you haved to take prenatal vitaims to get pregnant?

You need to have sex to get pregnant. Not prenadal vitamins.

Can you take prenatal vitamins without being or planning on being pregnant?

yes; they are similar to daily vitamins

Should a 17 year old take prenatal vitamins?

If she is pregnant. You should discuss which vitamins with your doctor.

What will prenatal vitamins do if your not pregnant?

Prenatal vitamins, are vitamins designed for pregnant women, meaning they may have higher amounts of iron, and folic acid not found in OTC vitamins. They will not harm you and are actually recommended during the time you are trying to conceive and during your 6-8 weeks postpartum.

Should you start taking prenatal vitamins even if you do not think you are pregnant?

If you are trying to get pregnant then yes, start prenatal vitamins right away. You don't have to wait until you get pregnant. Talk to your doctor and he/she will be able to get you started and answer any questions you should have.

When do pregnant women start taking prenatal vitamins?

It is recommended that all women of child bearing age take prenatal vitamins.If you are trying to get pregnant and haven't started taking them, you should start taking them now.

If you are pregnant and not taking prenatal vitamins and have not been to the doctor could that cause a miscarriage?

No. Some women never take prenatal vitamins but its best that you see a doctor and take them.

Should a teen take prenatal vitamins for hair growth?

No, don't take prenatal vitamins unless you are trying to get pregnant, are pregnant, or are breast feeding. The vitamins are specially formulated for what a pregnant woman needs during her pregnancy. However, you can talk to your doctor about taking other supplements for hair growth.