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Check with your state government. Here you can allocate the surname of EITHER parent on the birth certificate as long as you name the father. In Britain the father has to go with the mother to register the birth to show he agrees.

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Q: If you are pregnant but you are not married how does the baby get the fathers last name?
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After baby born who name is pick not married?

usually it the fathers last name

What can happen to my baby if i give it the fathers last name and we're not married?

Nothing will happen to your baby, your baby will just be a bastard.

If you are not married can the child have the fathers last name?

yes you can, it up to you which last name you want to give to your baby.

When married do you have to give baby his fathers last name in tx?

You dont have to do anything if you dont wanna do it

In Pennsylvania is the unwed mother required to use the fathers last name for the baby?

Nope, only if you are married to him

Can baby have fathers last name if not married?

Yes, of course x ------ Yes. You may legally give your baby any name you want.

What should be the fathers first move if Mother and father are not married but baby has fathers last name mother left baby with her mother grandmother is willing to help father gain full custody?

Get a good family law lawyer.

Will medicaid pay for childbirth if the baby has the father's last name i am 17 and i want my baby to have her fathers last name but we can't pay for the hospital bill and we are not married.?

I'm 20 with the same question . && do in 2 weeks ..

If a female is married and pregnant with someone else's baby does she have to give the baby her husband's last name?

No the last name of the child's would be the biological fathers or her maiden name. If your husband wants your child to share his last name, he will have to go through an adoption process and have the name changed in court. It's a fairly simple hearing if all individuals participating are present and in agreement.

Why would an unwed mother give a baby the fathers last name?

Because she is hoping she and the father will eventually be married and She and her child will have the FAMILY (keyword) name.

If unmarried can a mother give her baby the fathers last name?

if the mother wants the child to have the fathers last name she can or the baby can have her last name because my boyfriend wants our child 2 have is last name but i want the child 2 have mine because of the rights

If a couple is unmarried in Wisconsin do you have to give the baby the fathers last name?

No if anything the baby should have the mothers last name - but check that out for sure as I am not sure.

I married a man from Central Amer and I'm from the US He has two last names His fathers and his mothers I took the fathers last name I dont like having different last names can he legally change?

not really in fact if your married to him you have to change your last name .you have to change your maiden name

Is it LEGAL to give a baby a last name that is neither the mothers OR fathers last name just a random last name is this possible?

Yes, i don't see why it wouldn't be. In tradition the baby is to have the fathers name though, for in the old days the male of the house "owned" the child.

If your 15 year old is pregnant can she give the child the fathers last name in Texas?


If the child does not have the fathers last name can the father change the childs last name?

If he is married to the child's mother the decision is theirs to make, but if he is not married to her the mother decides the child's last name.

If your not married but are expecting a baby. And the mother of the baby refuses to give the baby the fathers last name but the father is resposible and has been every step of the way what do you do?

If you are not married to the mother of the child and she wants the child to have her last name, then there is nothing you can do. In a court of law they always go with the mother unless there is any evidence as to why they shouldn't. If you want the baby to have your last name you should marry the mother. By law the mother is the custodial parent. If you don't want to get married just because there is a baby now then you should've thought about that before you wanted to play. You may find compromise in letting the baby have two last names or a conjoined one, with or without a middle name. well ask the baby what it thinks!

What last name to give to a teen's baby?

It depends. Probably the moms. However, it's up to the parents. You do have a choose but often the child gets the fathers last name if he is on the birth certificate. Think of your baby and relationship with the father. Are you still together? Will the baby have a part in its fathers life? If the answer is yes I would suggest giving the child the privilege of having their fathers last name. You could also hyphen if you wanted to...

Can the baby have mother and fathers last name?

Sure, hyphenated last names are becoming very common.WHICH ONE IS THE TRUE LAST NAME

In the state of Illinois if a woman is married but pregnant with another mans baby does she have to give the baby her husbands last name?

No, in fact, you can give the baby any name you want, even a name that is totally unrelated to all three parties in the relationship.

Will your marriage last if a man married you because he got you pregnant?

no. worst reason in the world to get married.

How do you change last name of baby from fathers name to mother name?

Its all to do with law and order.

Your boyfriend is 21 and you are 16 and pregnant by him can our baby have his last name?

you can use any last name.

If im legally married but no longer with spouse but now im new relationship pregnant what last name will be on the baby birth certificate my married name or my maiden name?

You will be able to use whatever last name you'd like, as long as your spouse is in agreement with the decision.

How long after having a baby can you tell im pregnant?

If you have had the baby you were pregnant for the last 9 months. If you are trying to get pregnant again after having a baby just regulate your periods as usual and if you are late, head to the pharmacy and grab a test..